Thursday, 21 February 2008

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Rumours that I have started working flipping burgers in a golden arches family restaurant in Albuquerque are also way off the mark.

I apologise for going underground these last weeks. It's been a little busy - our german visitors have coincided with an extraordinarily busy time at work. I have been (in no particular order) cooking, working (usually 5 days worth in the 3 days I'm paid for), sight-seeing, driving all over the place, speaking bad german, stopping toddlers from beating each other senseless with duplo bricks and trying hard to sleep (but not succeeding very well).

However, events of moderate significance have occurred. I have been working on this:

22 weeks
I am considerably bigger than at this stage with the Pirate (not at all surprising), and the difficulty sleeping and indigestion are much worse too. But so far, so good - we're both healthy and happy.

Our visitors are having a great time; having exhausted Canberra, and visited my parents in the south of New South Wales, they've headed to the coast for a week or so. And with everyone's suggestions and some planning, we've been eating well too, thanks for asking!

I've recently been the recipient of some bloggy goodness which I must share.

A little while back I was one of the winners on Tinkingbell's blog comp; this arrived shortly after.

My first ever Rowan yarn (Rowanspun 4ply) in the most gorgeous greeny-bluey-deep sea colour, and a fabulous little project bag. Thanks, Tink!

And then a few days ago, much to my bemusement, a parcel turned up from the US. Apparently, I'm Valentine worthy - or so Madmad Rachael thinks! She graciously declined sending me yarn (which Beloved counted as his Valentine's gift), but instead some candy (PJ who? No one called PJ who can have this around here...) and a book I have long coveted:

Thanks Rachael, I'm so pleased to finally have my own copy instead of the library's!

If you read Bell's blog, you will know that there was a delivery of sock yarn from Germany recently. I will decline her offer to elaborate on the dramas that took place during its 12 week transit time (yes, we paid for air freight), but the very apologetic and well-suntanned box finally turned up.

There may have been some rolling in the yarn before it was distributed. I think waiting 12 weeks for 7kgs of sock yarn warrants some rolling.

So that's the good news. The bad news is that we've been given 8 weeks notice to move becuase the owners are selling the house - we were told one week after they stood in the kitchen and asked us to sign another 12 month lease and thanked us for looking after the place. Nothing like a move of residence to look forward to in one's 7th month of pregnancy.

If we can find somewhere to live that allows us to afford to eat as well, that is. Maybe I should start work on that house cosy!

So I apologise if I havent commented / emailed / phoned / visited - I'm working on it (when Im not flipping burgers, that is).

G x


Bells said...

George, that photo is a scream. Best photo I've seen in a long time.

Oh, and glad to hear you're alive and well. I know I only saw you on Thursday, but i am reassured all the same.

Michelle said...

Well, hello stranger! I hadn't heard those rumours - I had heard the ones about you modelling in the next Victoria's Secret show though.

Thank you again for the yarn! And please tell me how much I owe you!

2paw said...

Well I can see you are working on something wunderbar!!! Love the sock wool photo: It looks like someone surfacing from great depths!!! Oh that is boogelly news about moving. I hope you find somewhere very nice to live. Maybe you could 'felt' a house!!!!

Donna Lee said...

Check out this cartoon. It totally applies to you today. I am so glad you are feeling healthy. And I love the sock yarn. Jealousy here!

Alwen said...

Glad to hear you're not demised! Growing a kid is at least as much work as flipping burgers, but at least you don't have to count change.

Love the sock yarn photo.

amy said...

Oh no! On the moving! I can sympathize. I moved with a toddler, while pregnant. It's not the way I'd planned to do things, of course. I'd meant to switch houses BEFORE getting pregnant. It all worked out okay, but please take it easy. I overdid it while moving, and while everything was fine, it made for a worry-filled weekend, waiting for an ultrasound.

I had to laugh about you being larger than with PJ. I gained LESS weight with my second, because my first ate all my food, the little bugger! Every time I sat down to eat, I somehow didn't get nearly as much as I'd planned. And when it came right down to it, when he was asleep, I wanted to nap, not eat.

TinkingBell said...

Glad you are still alive and that you received squishy goodness of your own! Also very glad you liked the Rowan - and the little bag! And a very big thank you to you and Bells for my own squishy goodness!!!

Rose Red said...

Love the sock yarn photo!

Hope things calm down for you soon and that the househunting/moving goes smoothly. Lucky that yarn makes great box-stuffing for delicate articles!!

Lynne said...

All the best for the house hunting and moving.

You sure lead an interesting life - never a dull moment!

MadMad said...

I LOVE that last picture! It's awesome! I'm so sorry about the move; I can't even imagine the stress now! On the plus side, at least, yarn packs very, very easily. ;0

Jejune said...

What an utterly brilliant photo! So, is that my sock yarn in the corner, hmmm?

Glad you're still alive - I know it's been a frightfully busy and stressful time of late. The house move is just the pits, I totally sympathise! Bertie might like to give my real estate agent a call if you're getting stuck...

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I was begining to worry, that growing a baby thing and take a lot out of a person.

I love that picture...I haven't bought that much wool in one go for awhile and am so jealous. As for the move, I'm sure Jejune will advise you of who NOT to use.

Caffeine Faerie said...

Just check that email I sent to your blog email...