Friday, 27 April 2007

Performance under pressure

You may recall I somewhat rashly promised the recipient of the Commission Beanie a scarf in the same yarn by a fairly tight (for me) deadline - tomorrow.

It's amazing what a deadline can do. Ta-da!

Drop-stitch scarf (thanks Taph, Jejune and Othlon for the inspiration at SnB on Tuesday night) knitted in Rainbow Wools Popcorn in Ice Blue on 10mm needles.

It's hardly a pattern, and certainly not original, but this is what I did:

Cast on 12 sts. Work 3 rows garter stitch.

Row 4: Knit 1, *yo, K1*

Row 5: Knit, slipping all yo loops off without working

Row 6: Knit.

Repeat rows 4 to 6 until scarf is deisred length, knit 3 rows and cast off loosely.

I tried a 2 yo pattern but it was too open; I'm much happier with this. If I had of been concentrating I would have done 2 straight knit rows between the yo and slip off rows, to give it a bit more body. But when I tried it on (felt kinda guilty, since its a commission, but I needed to check it was actually wearable!) it was quite bulky enough.

Now if only the deadline thing worked for my outstanding essays.....


p.s. I'd like you all note I'm lifting my game with respect to my photography. Other bloggers do such a fantastic job of photographing everything from FOs and stash yarn to biscuits and earplugs that I felt the lounge room floorboards just didnt rate any more!


Bells said...

there is nothing like a deadline!!

Good work and great photo. It's fun finding new locations!

Jejune said...

Well done, it looks great!

As for photographs, go for natural lighting wherever possible (no flash), closeups at odd angles, and interesting (or clean) backgrounds, and you'll be shooting like a pro in no time :)

Jejune said...

PS Love the progress bars - they worked out really well!