Tuesday, 10 April 2007

What a way to make a living

I did plan to blog the work-in-progress, but then I turned into the home straight and got a sniff of the finish line last night, so here is the finished article:

My first ever commissioned work: roll-edge beanie in Rainbow Wools Popcorn in "ice blue" (used approx 80g). Knitted on 8.0 mm dpns. The yarn is thick-and-thin and the decreases at the crown went a bit bulgy, but I couldnt get them to sit any better.

The yarn has knitted up much more blue than it looked in the skein, and the commissioner was very happy with it when I handed over the goods this morning. I believe he used the words "clever" and "wow" several times, but then he may have been talking about the newspaper or some such. ahem.

These muggles are very easily impressed.


Jejune said...

Yeah, just wave pointy sticks in a knowing (or threatening) manner, mutter "Purl, Knit Two Together' a few times, finger the yarn, and look all mysterious - too easy!

The beanie looks great too, not just the muggles are impressed ;)

Taphophile said...

Well done - it's a lovely beanie. Muggles are pretty easy to impress; but that's usually with crappy but spectacular yarns. Much harder to impress them with the good stuff in a simple garment. You did a great job.

kms said...

yes i too am impressed....please post pattern or link to same! (is it the same as the little one?) i hear the siren call of jo sharp silk road on new turbos!!

Bells said...

they are exactly the kinds of words we knitters love to hear!

Good job!

twitchy fingers said...

Well done! Just in time for the 'nippy' season!