Thursday, 29 November 2007

Yes, there has been (some) knitting

I have been very slack not reporting on a couple of FOs from the last month or so. Sadly, they've been few and far between. First I got a bad case of casting-ons, now Ive got a bit of startitis. I currently have too much choice (but more on that in a future post).

Firstly my beloved Clapotis. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

I cast this off weeks ago, just in time for Canberra's warm spring weather to hit. I still love it.

Yarn: Happy Spider custom-dyed; about 110g.

Sticks: 4.0mm addi circ

Mods: I only did 5 increase reps (following RoseRed's lead), and I'm quite happy with the width; in hindsight though I should have done a few more straight rows for a little more length.

Next up: a vest for Master O, a commission (my workmate keeps me busy!). And one for the Pirate (see issues below):

Pattern: Vest with splits from Panda book 204

Yarn: Bendigo 8ply Classic in Tuscan

Sticks: 4.0mm straights; mark II on 4.5 mm straights (see issues)

Mods: none (except I knit on the first one at SnB one evening and got distracted, so its about 3 cm longer before the armhole decreases than the pattern states)

Issues: I was given Master O's measurements, and the met with the pattern finished measurements, and I got correct tension, so I knit this as the pattern stated. Except when I finished it, it was 2cm smaller a the chest than it should have been. Master O is the same age, but a bit bigger, than the Pirate. This vest is intended for next year, and I figured if it was only mildly roomy on PJ now, it wasn't going to go close to Master O next autumn. So I sucked it up and knit another one on 4.5 mm sticks, which is much better.

So now both PJ and Master O have tuscan vests.

Confessions: I outsourced the finishing. But I did try! Several times! But considering these were a commission, I thought they deserved better than my efforts. Next time, I promise.

Because, believe me, if I'm going to regain any credibility around here after last weeks little expedition, I'm going to be doing A LOT of knitting over the summer.

That's all I have to say about that right now.


Bells said...

Oh you finished your clappy! Wonderful! I'd really like to see it in person some time soon.

You've been a busy girl! Bravo on making two vests.

Michelle said...

Clappy! Clappy! Clappy makes me happy happy!

Rose Red said...

Yay for the clappy, yay yay yay!

And the vest is fab - love that pattern and colour!

Hmmm, an expedition which means you will be doing a LOT of knitting...sounds like the expedition involved the purchase of a large amount of yarn? Do tell do tell@!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Not to worry about a scarf for summer. You've got to look fashionable and stylish all year long, comfort has little to do with it.

You and your outsourcing. I'm so jealous as it's my least favorite thing to do.

Alwen said...

It is a lovely Clapotis, and there always seems to be too-cold air conditioning somewhere, even in the summer, that justifies it.

Impressive vests, too!

Em said...

How pretty! The clapotis looks lovely, and so ready to move on to the wearing stage of the relationship. You could always wear her outside at night on a date. Or drape her artistically somewhere and look at her until the weather cools off.

You have so much discipline, to cast on another vest. Good on you! I would've just said, hmmm, maybe if i stretch it....

TinkingBell said...

Lovely Clappy - dying to hear about the expedition!!

Shazmina Bendi said...

I LOVE the Clap! Simply stunning! I need to finish 3 before christams eek, better pull my finger out!

amy said...

How many yards, would you say, did your clappy take? I have been wishy washy on starting one forever. I don't want a wide one.

Yes, quite the discipline on the vests. It looks great!

Jejune said...

What a beautiful Clappy!! Go on, wear it in the heat, I dare you ;)

Very cute little vest - bugger about needing to knit it again, but it was probably the right decision. I'm sure Master O will love it :)