Tuesday, 17 April 2007

High on the hog

This weekend was the second in a row that we packed up and headed down the highway to my parent's place. To celebrate Dad's 60th birthday for the second weekend in a row. For someone who is not big on getting older, he did a pretty fine job of celebrating! This time it wasn't a surprise, but a planned gathering of some of his oldest friends for a weekend of eating, drinking and reminiscing.

It was kinda weird for me to meet up with these people again after what I realised was more than 10 years. They are, after all, my parent's friends, and when one heads off into the wide blue yonder (in my case, Darwin) as a 20-ish young thing with all her possessions packed into the back of a 15 year old 4wd (but it was red and it was soooo cool!), one doesnt tend to look back and keep in touch with parental friends. I barely kept in touch with my parents!

But I have known these folk since I was born, and it was surprisingly easy to pick up the threads of our old relationships. Like there wasnt a decade or more between chats. It was great fun to sit and chat, find out how their kids are, learn about new grandchildren, their latest travels. It reminded me why they've been friends with my parents all these years, and I realised that without exception, if I needed to, I could have called any one of them at any time to ask for help. Really wonderful folk, and so I really enjoyed the weekend. Apart from when they rolled out all the stories of my childhood and misspent youth, much to my Beloved's amusment.

That, and one of them - K - has a great big spanking Harley Davidson motorbike that he took me for a really long ride on!

How much fun was that! Pirate Jim was totally freaked out by Mama in the helmet, and wouldnt go near K for the rest of the weekend, but now he tells everyone about the "bike" and how it goes "BRUUMM BRUUMM". Very cute.

Still no knitting to blog, I'm afraid.


Jejune said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend - a lot of travelling over the past 2 weekends, including Harleys! Great to reconnect to old family friends, too. I'm glad your dad has fully embraced his 60th birthday!

I have the weird experience of my husband working at the same place my dad used to work (Mt Stromlo Observatory), so most of the old guard there are old family friends. If I go to an Observatory function there are all these people who knew me since I was a baby! And THEY trot out the embarrassing stories... argh ;)

kms said...

can i just say you look eerily comfortable on that bike! cute :) also i want one of these On The Needle progress thingys, where did ou get the code for that? apparently i need to step up from only three things at once tho!

Taphophile said...

How much fun are you having on that thing? Glad the weekend went well.