Monday, 23 April 2007

A call to scarves

While basking in the success of my first commission beanie, a gift for a friend's birthday, I recklessly agreed that I would, with the 120g or so of remaining yarn, whip up a simple scarf to accompany it.

It needs to be done by Saturday coming, but I am seriously time-poor at the moment, with my Beloved overseas (Montpellier in France, but I'm not bitter, noooo, not me) and 2 essays due for my grad dip in the next few weeks. So I don't want to venture off into innernet land to cruise pattern sites and get lost for hours.

The yarn is Rainbow Wools Popcorn in Ice Blue, and I knit the beanie on 8mm needles.

The request is for something narrow so it can be nicely looped (you know, where you double the scarf then put the ends through the loop), but I was thinking garter stitch might be a bit plain.

Can anyone help me out with a quick pattern that will give a scarf a bit of oommf but not detract from the yarn?

G x

p.s. Lots of FOs to blog (my mum has been helping out while she stays with me this week) but no way to get pics off the camera right now - hopefully tomorrow. Watch this space.


Jejune said...

What about a simple rib scarf? A bit more interesting that just garter stitch, and won't detract from the lovely yarn. Just cast on a multiple of 4 stitches, and K2 P2 ad nauseum.

My other thought is for a simple cable scarf, but that might be more trouble than it's worth, especially on a tight deadline!

Man, we should set up the bitter wives club. My hubby's been to Germany, and Sweden, and - damn it - the South Pole three times - and all without me.

Georgie said...

South pole - definite justification for some bitter wifing there! I can't complain too much, we are off to Germany in 4 weeks to visit Beloved's family - he's from there (= free accomodation, free car hire, free baby-sitting...).

Thanks for rib idea, its a good one.

kms said...

lets not talk about bitter left at home partners. i live with one! about the scarves - there are some nice jo sharp recipes 1. ridged scarf: 4mm 8 row pattern co 32 st K/P/K/P/P/K/P/K. looks nice but might work best with plain colour yarn. meant to be knit long. 2. garter rib 3.75mm c/o 56 two row repeat RS: *k4 p4 rep for * to end WS: *p4 k4 rep from * to end. makes a nice column kind of pattern. meant to be knit short, so wont do the loopy thing but is a real blokes scarf - was it a blokes hat? if not, go for the ridged one.