Tuesday, 3 April 2007

What the world needs now......

Yes indeed, the world and the innernet needs yet another blog. I've always been a bit slow on the uptake, but having recently moved cities (yet again - sorry Mum), it suddenly occured to me that a blog is a nice way to keep everyone up to date while not fretting on how behind I am in my emailing. Like I said, slow on the uptake.

So welcome.

Since my first visitors will probably be my knitterly associates, I thought I'd share the two very nice parcels that were delivered by my lovely friendly postie this week.
First, my order from the fab folk at Bendigo Woollen Mills:

This is 12 ply Rustic in Graphite. Its for a "commission" (yikes! performance anxiety!) to make a vest for my lovely collegue. Its actually a very dark blue-grey, with a tiny light-grey fluffy thing going on - already innoculated with dog-hair, as the commissionee puts it. I immediately cast on a tension square, blocked it.....gorgeous.

This is 8ply rustic in elm , for a zip-up vest for my husband. It matches his eyes (awww). Ditto blocked tension square....also gorgeous.

Since I was ordering, I thought I may as well just add another ball or two (did I mention theyre 200g balls? and at an amazing price??):

From top left corner: woodrose 10 ply, port 8ply classic, colonial 8 ply (cocoa and indigo), classic 5 ply in venetian, classic 8 ply in spinifex and classic 8ply in bluberry. Not sure what they want to be yet, but I'm sure they will tell me in their own good time.

Then the very next night, the postie was back with a parcel from Rainbow Wools :

The two skeins on the left are Popcorn in ice blue (another comission! a beanie), then top right is Popcorn is rose garden, Raindrops in blue haze and Raindrops in Pebbles. This yarn is just so soft and amazing. I took the skein of rose garden to work today, where it sat beside my keyboard where I could gaze upon it. Ok, maybe I stroked it once or twice. Much to the amusement of my cubicle-mate.

We are off to my parents in southern NSW for the long weekend and to surprise my Dad for his 60th birthday. Better pack....Pirate Jim (our 19-month old son, in case you happen to be apoor lost surfer who stumbled along here) doesnt make these things easy when he's awake, and bless his cotton socks, that's usually 6 am these days.

Enjoy the long weekend!

G xx


kms said...

welcome to the blogosphere george! now you have yet another knitterly thing to be obsessed about :)

Taphophile said...

Congrats on the new blog, George. Your yarn haul is gorgeous and impressive. We won't need a Bendy shade card, we'll just pop over to your place. Safe trip.

Bells said...

yay George! Welcome to the blogosphere.

Fabulous yarn porn there!

Jejune said...

Hiya George! So glad you've got a Blog too (join us, join us...!)

I *like* your thinking when ordering from Bendigo - Since I'm ordering anyway... may as well get MORE!

Hope your Dad's 60th birthday is great fun :)