Sunday, 30 March 2008

This is...the contents of my handbag

This is such a mess!

This is a good chance to have a clean out.

This is very dull compared with other people's handbags!

A gift voucher for my Dad's birthday from hardware chain
Teddy bear bikkies (now teddy bear crumbs) for PJ
My work pass
Travel pack of tissues
A pile of used tissues and old shopping lists
2008 diary
Notebook and pen - I always need something to scribble on
Tape measure
Mobile phone
Emergency dummy for PJ (yes, he still uses one in time of distress)
Emergency sugar rations - snakes and barley sugars (it gets ugly if my blood sugar gets low)
Two house keys (same house, same door!)
Tickets from the paddle steamer ride in Echuca with the Germans in February
Business cards, including one for a wool shop in Luebeck, Germany
FIVE lipsticks / glosses. (Strange, because I put lipstick on once a day, on days when I work. In the car before I go into the building. )
Saftey pins

And my purse and bag, both from Colorado.
Very utiliarian, Im afraid!


Michelle said...

So we know we can go to your handbag for dessert next time we have lunch! (and I'm not talking about the used tissues ...)

So nice to see you in on this meme!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

What???? No knitting project in your purse?????

Bells said...

I'm so gonna do this. I bet mine is messier!

Gae, in Callala Bay said...

Think of your handbag as impromtu weight lifting equipment!

Donna Lee said...

I think I would be afraid for people to see what's in my bag. It's not really messy but after being a Girl Scout for 11 years, I am prepared. Added to all the normal stuff is a leatherman tool (one of those combo things with knives,pliers,etc), two different breath mints, three or four chapsticks (I'm always losing one) and lots of tissues. I'll have to catalogue it all when I change to the spring/summer bag. Just as soon as the weather cooperates and becomes spring like.

Em said...

I'm a little afraid to show you what's in my purse, but I may have to join in on this one, it looks like fun. I seem to take after Momolla, I carry loads of stuff for "emergencies." Trust me, I'm the one you want to be stranded on the desert island with.

I hope so very much that all goes well wit the possible house. If not, there are several really nice ones for rent and sale in my neck of the woods. Have you thought of relocating? Just sayin...

Lynne said...

I'm like you, I put lipstick on as I arrive at work, on the irregular days I wear make up! Otherwise, it's just clear lip gloss!

TinkingBell said...

Oh no! You're so not seeing all the crap I cart around!!

Hey! I just got a new bag! - Maybe it's time for a clear out!

MadMad said...

Oooh, too funny! I was JUST looking through my purse thinking "This is disgusting! I should blog about it!" But maybe I should just clean it instead... Yours doesn't look quite as bad as mine - mine is mostly just shopping receipts and crumpled shopping receipts into which someone has spit their gum...

three buttons said...

Your bag contents look very purposeful and organised! Most times I forget to leave the house with a notepad and often get caught out because of it.

I've added you to our 'This is...' blog roll, I'm looking forward to seeing your 'This is my knick knack/jewellery box' on Sunday. Thanks for playing!!