Tuesday, 9 December 2008

My best friend is a gentle giraffe

A couple of weeks ago, SweetP shared her list of what her three girls will get for Christmas. The list looked like this:

  • something to play with
  • something to share
  • something to read
  • something made by mum

Like many others, I am trying to not get caught up in the consumerism and pressure of the Silly Season. I love this list. Although I'm already a little beyond it (I've been stashing bits and pieces since the middle of the year), next year it will be game on.

In the spirit of the list, I have committed myself to making at least one thing for each of the kids. (Well, between you and me, I've been dying to make this for the Princess for ages, and christmas was just the justifcation for a blissful hour spent at my favourite fabric store buying the pattern and choosing fabric!)

Introducing Mrs Perkins*.

Doesnt she have the sweetest face?

She's made using this pattern from Melly & Me. They have lots of very lovely patterns for softies (and very funky bags - shame I can't muster the courage to finish the one I've got on the go!), but this one has always tugged at my heart-strings.

She was remarkably easy to make - about an hour to sew, then about the same to stuff! And a bit of fiddling to do the finishing. But I'm terribly pleased with her. PJ has been fascinated by the process, watching all the pieces come together, and has demanded a Mrs Perkins of his own. I have other plans for him though.

I hope the Princess likes her. They're about the same size! And if she doesn't well then I'm quite happy to give Mrs Perkins cuddles. When I'm not cuddling the Princess of course.

* Mrs Perkins is the name given to her by Melly & Me. I'd like her to be called something else but I'm not very good at thinking up witty or clever names - any suggestions??


Michelle said...

She looks kind of shy and awkward, so I'd call her Bumbles the Giraffe. But that's me. I love her and I reckon Little G will love her too.

And you gotta finish the bag! You gotta!

Olivia said...

Lovely work! She is fantastic, whatever her name ends up being.

Kuka said...

oooh George!!!!
She's gorgeous!!!
You are just totally ace! xo

Donna Lee said...

Some of my girls' favorite dolls were ones that I made for them. Emily loved the face right off hers. Mrs. Perkins is adorable. She looks like a Geri to me.

Geek Knitter said...

Timid Tina?

Whatever you decide to call her, she's lovely!

kms said...

oh shes gorgeous! thats what id call her - gawjus :) grace will love her, well done!

Bells said...

Just too, too cute.

Rose Red said...

She is fabulous! You did such a great job on the face - the expression is fabulous!

I don't think she's a Mrs at all. Definitely more of a Miss. Or a Ms.

I think I'd call her Ms Sweetie.

sweetp said...

Oh wow, she is just adorable!! Well done.
Glad you thought the list was helpful. It kind of morphed for me into thingS to play with but I did manage to avoid a total blow out. We have 2 Xmases so they ended up with aplay thing to open at each one.

Anyway your Giraffe is great. Have you read "Giraffes Cant Dance?" Its a cute one, would go well with Mrs Perkins :D

knitting sprouts said...

how cute is that - I want one!

Alwen said...

Such an expressive face!

(I still have the black & white check giraffe my great-grama made for my "baby" brother, now 32.)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Good job! I am very impressed...I want one as well.

As for a name...Miss Gertrude (Gertie for short)

Em said...

She's adorable! In the spirit of alliteration, I vote for Gertie as well. And she's definitely a Miss, rather than a Mrs.

2paw said...

She is beautiful!! I too love the expression on her face. What a lucky Girl The Princess is!!

Anonymous said...

Great job George - I didn't know that you sew - did I??? I'm sure Grace will love her.

MadMad said...

Holy cow! You are TA-LEN-TED! That is the cutest thing ev-ah. (Well, aside from the Princess and PJ, of course!)