Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Em tagged me for this meme, and I have to apologise for being so tardy at running with it. I love a meme, but between you and me have trouble finding anything about myself I rate as "interesting" or even "weird". Heaven help me if I ever get tagged for a "100 things" meme!

So, in accordance with the rules, here are the rules.

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

1. I shower, and wash my hair, every day. I will only not do this if I am in the middle of nowhere without access to a shower. Some people need coffee to start functioning; I need a shower. And if I dont wash my hair, by 1pm its lank and greasy and disgusting and look like I haven't washed it in a month. I dont use products or anything, its just really fine.

2. If I could have a single wish granted, it would be to be able to sing. Not Ella Fitzgerald or Kate Cebrano kind of singing talent, just to be able to sing approximately in tune, hit and hold a note, and not have everyone else turn and stare when I open my mouth. I sing completely flat and I wish more than anything that I could sing just a little.

3. I hate the beach. I love the idea of the beach, and seeing the beach, and the ocean and the colours, but I hate the sand and the salt water and the hugeness of the ocean and the power of it. Its hot and there's no shade and the sand gets EVERYWHERE and you're surrounded by "beautiful people" and they leave their cigarette butts in the sand. Yuk. Totally overrated if you ask me.

4. I moved from my home town of Melbourne to Darwin, 4000kms to the north (very tropical), when I was 22 to do a PhD. I bought a big red 4WD, packed up my stuff and drove north. My parents thought I was insane. I didnt know a single person there, but it seemed like a good idea. It was the best 5 years of my life and even though I have since lived 6 years in Sydney and moved 12 months ago to Canberra, Darwin still feels a bit like home (Melbourne aside). I "grew up" there and it made me a better person.

5. I was vegetarian for 10 years. It was prompted by a school project I did at 16 about the use of animals for scientific research, which led me to find out more about how animals are raised for human consumption. And a whole lot of related stuff that I wont go into now. But then I got more into cooking and became less idealistic and activist (ie. more selfish) and gradually started eating fish, then chicken, then red meat again. And see point 6.

6. I love meat pies. (warning: veggos or those with a queasy stomach probably shouldnt read much past the first bit of that page, esp the bit under "nutritional value"). It is my take-away meal of choice, but usually only from a bakery, rather than a mass-produced brand from a take-away shop etc. When they're bad theyre awful, but when I find a good one, its fabulous. Im not so much into "gourmet" pies (thai chicken curry, satay beef, and so on), but prefer standard beef, beef and mushroom or beef and pepper. With tomato sauce, of course!

7. In year 10 English (fourth form or fourth year of high school), my teacher wanted to give me different work because she thought the standard class work was too easy for me and I should challenge myself. I said no, because I didnt want to be seen as different from my classmates. Being "clever" isnt a good thing when youre 15 years old. As a result I got a "B" that year (my only B grade in English ever). I have regretted my decision ever since - not because of the B, but because I wonder what I could have achieved if I has let myself be challenged. (I still have issues with challenging myself!)

So now I have to tag a few people. I'm not totally up-to-date with blogs after the last few weeks, so I apologise if you've already been tagged in this recent round.

You're it: Donni, kms, Dood, Tinkingbell, Kuka, Five ferns fibreholic and Ilikecraft.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Rumours that I have started working flipping burgers in a golden arches family restaurant in Albuquerque are also way off the mark.

I apologise for going underground these last weeks. It's been a little busy - our german visitors have coincided with an extraordinarily busy time at work. I have been (in no particular order) cooking, working (usually 5 days worth in the 3 days I'm paid for), sight-seeing, driving all over the place, speaking bad german, stopping toddlers from beating each other senseless with duplo bricks and trying hard to sleep (but not succeeding very well).

However, events of moderate significance have occurred. I have been working on this:

22 weeks
I am considerably bigger than at this stage with the Pirate (not at all surprising), and the difficulty sleeping and indigestion are much worse too. But so far, so good - we're both healthy and happy.

Our visitors are having a great time; having exhausted Canberra, and visited my parents in the south of New South Wales, they've headed to the coast for a week or so. And with everyone's suggestions and some planning, we've been eating well too, thanks for asking!

I've recently been the recipient of some bloggy goodness which I must share.

A little while back I was one of the winners on Tinkingbell's blog comp; this arrived shortly after.

My first ever Rowan yarn (Rowanspun 4ply) in the most gorgeous greeny-bluey-deep sea colour, and a fabulous little project bag. Thanks, Tink!

And then a few days ago, much to my bemusement, a parcel turned up from the US. Apparently, I'm Valentine worthy - or so Madmad Rachael thinks! She graciously declined sending me yarn (which Beloved counted as his Valentine's gift), but instead some candy (PJ who? No one called PJ who can have this around here...) and a book I have long coveted:

Thanks Rachael, I'm so pleased to finally have my own copy instead of the library's!

If you read Bell's blog, you will know that there was a delivery of sock yarn from Germany recently. I will decline her offer to elaborate on the dramas that took place during its 12 week transit time (yes, we paid for air freight), but the very apologetic and well-suntanned box finally turned up.

There may have been some rolling in the yarn before it was distributed. I think waiting 12 weeks for 7kgs of sock yarn warrants some rolling.

So that's the good news. The bad news is that we've been given 8 weeks notice to move becuase the owners are selling the house - we were told one week after they stood in the kitchen and asked us to sign another 12 month lease and thanked us for looking after the place. Nothing like a move of residence to look forward to in one's 7th month of pregnancy.

If we can find somewhere to live that allows us to afford to eat as well, that is. Maybe I should start work on that house cosy!

So I apologise if I havent commented / emailed / phoned / visited - I'm working on it (when Im not flipping burgers, that is).

G x