Sunday, 13 April 2008

This is my ....perfect dinner party guest list

What a corker of a theme for this week's meme. I maintain this list in my head - but of course as soon as I have to cough it up, the cached version has crashed! As soon as I post, it will pop back to the front and centre of my brain.

Anyway, here it is:

"You are of course hosting this dinner party with your significant other and you can invite 6 other guests.. All we would love to see is your choice (images please) and your reason why you chose that particular person... " (Since this is a dream list, Ive taken the premise that being alive isnt a prerequisite!)

Geoffrey Robertson, QC: We used to get shown Hypotheticals in class at school, and I've always admired his intellect and presence. Since I learned some years ago about his background as an international human rights lawyer, he's had a firm place at the top of my list.

Jill Dupleix and Terry Durack: Husband-and-wife ex-pat Aussies who have lived in the UK for years as food writers and critics, Im a huge fan of Jill's approach to cooking (she is unasahmedly a self-taught home cook raised on a sheep farm) and have long enjoyed Terry's writing. They have eaten their way around the world and would make fascinating dinner guests.

Katharine Hepburn: Her autobiography was the first I ever read. Not only am I a fan of her body of work and range as an actor, but she had a fascinating upbringing in a time of great change. She was taken to suffrage rallys as a child, was encouraged by her (very liberal) parents to frankly speak her views and attended college, not a terribly common thing for a woman in the 1920s. She had a remarkably strong personality - how else do you account for her loyalty to a drunk who refused to leave his wife for her, despite their decades-long affair.

Andy Goldsworthy: is a Brisitsh scultpor and photographer whose work I find inspirational. He works with entirely natural, found materials in their natural setting, just rearranging them. Although I did find a pic of him, Im sure he'd appreciate that I post a pic of one of my favourite works of his, called Soul of a Tree.
My Nan, Shirley Ida McMillan (sorry no electronic pic available): Nan died in 2000 and I miss her in a way that sneaks up on me at unexpected times. She was truly one of the kindest people I ever knew, who was a tireless charity worker and never had a bad word to say about anyone. She taught me the importance of seeing things from other people perspectives. Soppy, but true - my list, my wish!!


Anonymous said...

Nicely done. Great list and a wonderfully written post.

Now the next question - what would you serve?!


(as if you didn't already have enough to worry about!)

Bells said...

God, what to serve would just about kill me!

I love that sculpture. That's a head spin.

And I love that you put your Nan on the list. I never met mine and I'm sure I'd love to have dinner with her, but probably not in the presence of all the other fabulous people who will be there. I'd want her all to myself.

Em said...

What a fascinating list! I love that you added your Nan, I'll bet she'd have a blast with you getting ready for a dinner party for such an interesting group of people.

How goes the moving process?

TinkingBell said...

Can I come too? I'll wait tables if you let me be there! _ Hell, I'll wash up if you'll let me come!

MadMad said...

How come I'm not getting invited to any of these?! ;) I especially would have liked to meet that grandmother of yours!

kms said...

good list! not a dull moment at the dinner table :)

Kate said...

My heart stuttered when I saw Soul of a Tree. I was fascinated by the image but the title of it was what arrested me. Beautiful.

I'm glad that your memories of your gran are so warm a loving. that even now you miss her. I often wish that I had a chance to talk to my gran now. She died when I was 8 and I know so much *about* her but not *her*, really. I like to think that we'd be great ones for chatting and she'd laugh hysterically at my challenged approach to early motherhood :)