Thursday, 7 August 2008

Decisions, decisions

I have mentioned to a few people that I was completely stunned when I discovered the Princess was a girl. Speechless even. Beloved says my face was priceless at the moment I was told.

You see, when she was still on the inside, I was convinced she was a boy. 99.9% certain. I felt it in my waters.

Just goes to show what my waters know. Nuffin'.

It took me several days to come to terms with the fact that I had a girl. I kept opening her nappy to check. Yup, still girl-bits. I may have even said to my mum "What on earth am I going to do with a girl?". Because after nearly 3 years with Pirate Jim, I feel like I understand what makes boys tick. (Can someone remind me of that statement every 12 months or so? Ta). I was all prepared for another boy and not at all ready to start thinking about how girls work.

So now that I have a girl, there are so many cool things to knit. For some reason, I feel that "girls" knits are so much more creative and interesting that "boys" patterns. And more interesting colours too. Probably a bit gender-ist of me, but nonetheless that's what I feel.

And so with the huge range of choices available to me, I am completely and utterly paralysed by indecision. I have no idea where to start. There are probably only a couple of cold months left here - it will take me time to knit, then she'll grow, so maybe I should knit for next year, after all she was gifted so many lovely things that fit now.....(and if I was a half-decent blogger and friend, that last phrase would be linked to the post where I'd thanked everyone for their gifts, but well, I'm still working on that!)

But there is one thing I've decided on. Given there was purchasing of yarn whilst in labour with the Princess, some of said yarn should make a garment for her. Remember the Wollmeise?

150g / 500 m / 574 y of 100% merino superwash 4ply / fingering weight in stunning reds to almost orange colourway.

But what to make? There has been some discussion with helpful people about the February Baby Sweater (Rav link), which I love. Classic, but contemporary. But y'know, I don't really "get" EZ, and I know I'd just get all angsty about trying to follow her "pattern", especially after reading some of the issues other Ravellers have had with it.

And so, dear readers, I am seeking to draw on the wisdom and knowledge of Blogland. What should I make? Something for now, something for next year? It's going to be an heirloom (I hope), something special to keep.

Should I suck it up and try the FBS? Do you have another suggestion? I would really like to knit something for my daughter!

Tell me what to do before my brain explodes!


amy said...

In that weight yarn you might find the February Baby Sweater to be a bit small. You'd definitely want to swatch first to see what your gauge would be with different needles. I considered making one from Wollmeise and then decided against it, worried about the gauge.

But that said, I LOVE the FBS pattern, I really do. I modified it a little bit to knit the sleeves in the round, but it didn't take long to knit at all.

I particularly like this sweater in my queue, but it calls for sport. I also like this one, but it also calls for sport.

For what all that's worth, anyway. :)

Rose Red said...

You'd probably have enough Wollmeise to hold the yarn double to make the FBS - it really is a fab sweater and is really NOT HARD! (and you've got lots of bloggy friends who've made it that you can call on for advice too).

Another potentially good heirloomy type thing might be a wrap/shawl or a toy. Or a really cute dress. Do you reckon you could design something yourself? That would be pretty special.

Bells said...

Lots and lots of red socks for her to wear as she grows?


I reckon hold it double, like RR says although Amy has some gorgeous suggestions. I'm clean out of baby girl suggestions at the moment.

Michelle said...

Go for a blanket - one that she can use for her dolls when she's older, and pass on to her own family if she has one.

Alternatively a ribbon tie bolero has the advantage of being able to be worn for a couple of seasons.

No idea of pattern. Sorry.

With a Q said...

Georgie, I recently made the Dragon Skin Wrap for my niece. Whilst it uses a DK weight yarn, the idea is more what I wanted to convey. It has big sleeves, which will look good as full length or 3/4, and a wrap over front, so will easily expand as she grows. I am hoping it will fit her for two winters - quite and achievement for a toddler who grows so fast!

TinkingBell said...

Like the wrap - but a shawl or blankie is more heirloom-y! Maybe a Pi shawl/blanket?

Gosh - fancying buying Wollmeise while in labour - how could that happen - snicker snicker!

BTW - I felt exactly that way about havig a boy second - good lord - what will I dooooooooo!!!

Neet said...

I've always liked this little dress
Perhaps not with the wollmeise, but very cute none-the-less!!

sue said...

How about a Tomten jacket then so you get the basics on how she thinks when designing a pattern. The FBS is gorgeous though but the pattern does daunt me a bit too. I am sure fellow ravelers have lots of info to help you through it. I really like some of Anny Purls designs too.

Kate said...

Despite my dithering about on it, My Fair Baby in Yarn Magazine #4 is really a beautiful little pattern. I'd knit it for next winter, though. Like you said, there's hardly anything left of this one and yshe may as well get more then 2-3 wears out of it!

Alwen said...

Wow, I'm still awed over yarn-buying while in labor!

kms said...

given the preciousness that is that yarn and how divine it is to touch, i also think an heirloomy item like a shawl or blankie or wrappy thing. it will endure long past body growth and both of you will get years of pleasure watching her drag her favourite blankie round in the dirt. im not surprised you had a girl tho. i had a feeling of my own about that. i also think you will make a great girl mum and raise a wonderful strong intelligent woman. just my two cents worth....

MadMad said...

There is a beautiful sweater that uses a similar pattern to the FBS in the Queensland collection booklet of Jane... oh, darn, I can't remember her last name, now. Something with an e, like Eliot, or something. I'll google it. But there are a few very cute things in there, and the patterns are "real" as opposed to "EZ."

MadMad said...

Jane Ellison!

Donna Lee said...

I think the blanket is a good idea. My oldest daughter still has a bit of her favorite blanket (she's 25). It started out as white but ended its days as battleship gray and no amount of bleach would change it.

Ailsa said...

Just knit the baby sweater. It's completely easy. Honestly.

If you've done any top down raglan before, you'll understand it perfectly. And if you don't, like RR says, you've got plenty of bloggy friends who can help you.

It will look amazing in that yarn too.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I know the wool you are looking at is not the right weight,
BUT the Debby Bliss Cashmerino 2 book has the smartest little girl's bolero: 3/4 sleeves, and a garter stitch band that gently expands into a nice roll collar.

The instructions tell you to knit the band separately, and then sew on: be damned to that! and I took notes if needed!

It was a great success when made for DD's DD. Smart, stylish, and comes in sizes 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, and 12-18 months.

Gae, in Callala Bay

nettie said...

I'd urge you to do the Pi blanket. It is a delight to knit - so easy and addictive. I've just finished a small one in gorgeous purple baby alpaca for the wee one in our family. Hmmm, reminds me...must post FO on own blog.

Trent said...
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Em said...

Well, I know you were gifted with your gorgeous gift blanket, but I also tend to favor that approach to knitting for babies. If you don't like that approach, maybe knit something a little over the top, like a dress for Christmas or her first birthday that you can save for her and then gift to her when she has her own wee ones. Alternatively, an adult-sized shawl you can use as a blanket now and she can wear when she grows up is not a bad plan. Really, though, she'll love anything you knit for her, once she's old enough to understand that mama made it just for her.