Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Three years old today

Today my gorgeous, outgoing, independant boy turns three.

Where did that time go?

He can count to 17.

He can recognise his name when it's written down.

He can put on his own boots and knows his left foot from his right.

He can put on and zip up his jacket.

He can jump with both feet together.

He can balance and walk along the brick garden edge at childcare.

He can name all the ingredients for a cake and help me to bake it.

He can climb the ladder to the big slide at the park all by himself.

He can sing songs from memory, and make up his own.

He can keep a beat and dance to music.

He can help set the table for dinner, and clear it too.

He can make us laugh until we cry.

He can use scissors and draw faces with all the bits in the right place.

He can do so many things that make me wonder, every day, about he he got to be so grown up and clever.

But most of all he teaches me something every day, and he can make my heart feel like its going to burst from pride and love.

Happy third birthday Pirate Jim!

(inspired by one of my favourite knit-blogger mamas, annypurls)


Rose Red said...

Awww, what a clever boy! Happy birthday PJ! The cake baking and the dancing will be very impressive when it comes to finding the perfect life partner!! (and also putting shoes on the correct feet. Always an impressive skill in a man!!)

Bells said...

Happy birthday PJ!! Love your smile!

Where did the last year go? I remember his 2nd birthday post and feel like the year has gone way too fast!

twitchy fingers said...

What a lovely post! Its a wonderful way to look at how big he is now! Happy Birthday Pirate Jim!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday PJ! Can you teach me about left and right some day? Tante Michelle is HOPELESS.


JustJess said...

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful post - it made me all emotional about my littlies too!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday PJ! and congrats to mum and dad for turning out such a wonderfully happy and contented little man. I agree, I know much more about myself now than I did before Til came on the scene!

shall email and catch up properly when tissue box isn't phsyically attached to my nose.

Kuka said...

Beautiful George!
Hugs to PJ

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Wow PJ, I don't think that I could accomplish that much in one year.

Good for you.

Big birthday hugs from across the ocean!

MadMad said...

What a cutie! Give him a birthday hug from me, too!

kms said...

hard to believe its 3 years already. he is really a lovely little person, you should be very proud, and big hugs to you both xxx

Monique and Tools said...

A huge happy birthday PJ from your little mate Luca. We miss you up here in the mountains as we are all celebrating our birthdays. What cake did you get this year? Your mummy is so clever making the best cakes!!

TinkingBell said...

Happy birthday PJ!! My boy turned 4 on Sunday - I can't believe it! Happy birthday to both of them!

Caffeine Faerie said...

3 years old today!
3 years old today!
Hip Hip Hooray!!!!
3 years old today!!!!

Happy birthday PJ! Well Done George!!!

Donna Lee said...

happy birthday to you, mom. He is a clever and beautiful boy. Don't they just make your heart swell with pride?

Em said...

Happy birthday, PJ! And congrats Georgie! You have got some gorgeous kids. And smart, judging by the Pirate's many accomplishments. He's already better in the kitchen than my Jim is.

Lynne said...

You sound like a proud mum! LOL

Enjoy your time together - they grow up so fast! My baby's getting married in 23 weeks - where did he years go?

Happy birthday, clever boy!