Sunday, 4 January 2009


The sound of 2008 rushing by and receeding into the past. It seems to have flown; it feels like just weeks ago that the Department I work for took up residence in our new building (January 08), we moved to our new house (April), Princess Grace was born (June)....she's six months old already, where did it go??

And now, with the new year, a new phase is about to begin for us. Tomorrow the Princess has her first day at childcare. I can't even begin to describe my feelings at this event - my brain and stomach are both churning. PJ loves it there, and can't wait to go back and see his mates. But he's 3 and a half - the Princess is just 6 months old. Yes, he did start childcare at 4 and a half months, but the circumstances were somewhat different.

This week is practice week - I don't start back at work until next week. We've been practicing giving her expressed milk in a cup a couple of times a day, and she's taken to it really well (and Beloved loves the special calm time feeding her too). I hate sitting there watching her drink while expressing away with the electric pump. And I know I'll hate sitting in a closed room at work expressing as well. I'll still visit her for one feed a day, but still....enough of that. I'm sure we will all adjust, and everyone will be fine.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you enjoyed yourself, however you chose to celebrate. We had a lovely break at my parents' home over Christmas and an equally lovely time schlepping around home these last days.

I am such a doofus at the mosaic maker thingy, so sorry, no captions!

There's been lots of reviewing of 2008 and looking forward to 2009. I've got nothing much to show for 2008, in a crafting sense, unlike some people I know. (And that's only the handful of blogs I've caught up on today - I'm scared to see more examples of outstanding productiveness that will make me feel terribly unorganised and slack!). And I'm not quite ready to look forward yet (let me get through this week and next).

I've got one or two little FOs to share to finish off the old year, but they're for future posts. Yes, I know I've said that before, but I promise I will share!

In the meantime, my knitting calls. I've got a rather big deadline looming (that's for another post too), so I need to get some serious time with the sticks.

May 2009 bring joy, peace, happiness and all good thing to your house.

G x


Rose Red said...

great pictures George!

Happy new year to you too lovey, hope it is full of good knitterly and other things.

I'm sure the childcare and back to work thing will go ok - it will be hard (I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow and I've only been off work for 3-1/2 weeks!).

2paw said...

Happy New Year, it was ceratinly a big year. I am sure that everything will sort itself out. I want to say there might be some teething problems, but that might be temptng fate!!!

Kuka said...

hey great photos!
I'm sure you made heaps of stuff this year!!
Good luck with the child care!

Bells said...

oh what adorable children you have. big year for you, really!

This week will probably be challenging. Will be thinking of you and will be available for support, tea and shopping!

amy said...

Oh, George. I can't imagine. I know nothing I can say will make it any easier. I'll be thinking of you.

Geek Knitter said...

Hugs to you and your baby girl. You can do this, I just know it.

Happy New Year to you!

sweetp said...

Happy New Year xx I'm on kid #3 and this is the only one where I haven't gone back to work in some form or other, so I do know how you are feeling. It IS hard but it does get easier, and you are right, everyone will be fine xx Good Luck

Lynne said...

May it all go smoothly for all of you.

kms said...

thinking of you all today, im sure she will love it eventually if not straight away...i feel guilty leaving the dogs somewhere so can only imagine how you are doing. but it will be ok, it really will, just look at PJ. sorry you have to go back to work tho... sorry for all of us on that front today :)

Emma said...

I hope child care went ok today George!