Friday, 11 May 2007

Catching my breath

We're having a few hours pause between guests - my parents have been visiting since Tuesday, and have taken home the dog and the cat home for a little holiday while we're overseas for a month.

I just got an sms that our next guests are about 25 minutes away; Pirate Jim is in the bath and dinner is cooked, so I'm taking a few moments with a nice cold GnT for a catch up.

1. One essay is submitted. One more to go - which I had planned to submit before we leave next Thursday, but which the decision of the imminent incoming guests to visit has put paid to. Not unhappy - would rather spend time with them than with my essay! I can't wait for this subject (and the whole degree) to be O. V. E. R.

2. At last week's SnB the lovely Janet from Canada taught me how to cable. I had previously thought this was the kntting equivalent of rocket science, or cooking souffles. Outta my league. 5 minutes with Janet later (who, it turns out, runs knitting classes and was teaching others to cable "just last week"), I realised cables are more sandwich than souffle (they can be as simple or as complicated as you like), and I got started on a cable baby beanie from Sweater Babe:

Look, cables! If I can get Pirate Jim to keep it on, i"ll post a photo on a human head instead of a plastic wine cooler. Now that I'm cable savvy, Im tring out an adult-sized version.

3. PJ's nana came bearing gifts:

A gorgeous vest from Panda book 204 knitted in some spotlight 8ply 100% wool yarn she had from last year. I think PJ might be getting accustomed to this modelling caper!

Yikes! Guests have arrived! More soon....

G x


Jejune said...

See? See? Cables are WONDERFUL! So glad you know how :D

Enjoy your guests, and avoiding that essay ;) Young Pirate Jim is looking very cheeky and warm in that vest!

Taphophile said...

Gorgeous cable, George. :)

Pirate Jim is certainly looking very comfortable in his knit-model pose. I foresee a life of pattern book covers. ;)

Bells said...

oh what a poser! Taph is right - a knit-model pose for sure! Great vest and hat!

Rose Red said...

Isn't he just a cutie - how do kids learn these things! - that is a cool vest. And hey, congratulations on the cables - not nearly as scary as they look (well, the simpler ones anyway!)

Kuka said...

Yay for first cables - I've just had the same light bulb go on above my head with the cables too!
And the other are right - PJ looks so cute =)

Olivia said...

Woohoo, cabling! Yay! PJ is so amazingly poised. I love that photo.