Thursday, 24 May 2007

Good news and bad news

Good news - we've finally got an internet connection after German Telecom workers are back from their strike (don't blame them - the plan is to outsource more than 50,000 jobs).

Bad news - no pics yet, Im afraid; I can't resize any images right now (unless someone can tell me how to do it in Windows Picture and Fax viewer) to make them manageable. Promise to try harder.

Good news - we survived the 30 hours in transit reasonably well, despite no knitting. I did spend quite some time glaring at the woman c****ting in the next row though. Pirate Jim slept a bit on both legs (I mean Syd - Singapore and Sing - Frankfurt, not his own legs!!) and I even got a short nap. Arrived exhausted beyond belief but all in one piece.

Bad news - this was after a one hour delay out of Canberra due to fog in Sydney (on a flight that was supposed to leave at 1pm), and then 2 hour delay leaving Sydney due to a) other delayed passengers who didnt show, and b) an airconditioning fault. Not an auspicious beginning! But as it turned out, not highly consequential.

Good news - Beloved and Pirate Jim remembered my birthday on Saturday and suprised me with gorgeous gifts. Pics to follow. The bigger surpise was PJ saying "Happy Birthday" when his papa said "say happy birhtday to mama"!! He's a regular parrot these days, highlighting the need for his mama to watch her language.

Better news - my MIL cooked me waffles for my birthday, yum! Pics and recipe to follow.

Bad news - I still have an essay to write for my postgrad course. Not my favourite way to spend holiday time but it should be quite straighforward. Shhhh, I should be working on it now.

Good news - we've beaten the jetlag and settled in to Village life. The weather has been variable - 27 yesterday, but 15 today. It is so unbelivably, blindingly green and lush. We have already made a few great day trips. All together now..."pics to follow"! Promise.

G x


Bells said...

you survived the journey! Wunderbar! Sounds like it wasn't too traumatic. I've heard horror stories of long haul flights and toddlers.....

Enjoy your stay and good luck with the hunting and gathering. :-)

Rose Red said...

Am glad you clarified the bit about PJ sleeping on both legs!! That's exactly the sort of thing I'd do!

Olivia said...

Happy Birthday Georgie! Good luck with your essay. I once wrote a job application while on an overseas holiday, that was bad enough. Got me where I am today, though.

Jejune said...

So good to her your news, and wonderful that the trip went as smoothly as possible, despite delays. Love the waffles for birthday brekkie! Happy B'Day!

Now tell me, why is cr***t OK on a flight, and knitting isn't?

kms said...

hey there, so glad you have arrived safe, my skin crawled in some kind of traumatic memory flash back at the 30 hours with no shower thing. eeeeeck! but very glad you are all there and well and hope that that germany in spring is inspiring xx