Sunday, 25 May 2008

Been 5 o'clock shadow boxing all round town

Oh, hello! I didn't realise anyone was still there.....

Sincerest apologies for my lack of blogosphere participation of late - something had to give and this was it. I have been reading and mostly keeping up, and I still love you all, but frankly if I was blogging and properly commenting, I wouldn't be doing something else, like sleeping. And since I still haven't discovered how to type with my toes, I can't knit and blog at the same time, and I'm afraid any snatched moments for relaxation have gone to knitting.

So last week it was my birthday. Given my heavy workload and that Beloved was in Cairns (tropical town, mmmm, warm...) for a conference, it threatened to be a non-event. And between you and me, I kinda like having birthdays, so I was a bit sad, and fully prepared for a non-event birthday.

However, the efforts of PJ and my Mum (who was staying with while Beloved was away), lovely messages from friends and some fantastic gifts, I had a lovely birthday, that stretched out most of the week with the arrival of parcels and cards in the post.

After a very trying work day on Monday, I arrived home to be greeted at the door by a big hug, kiss and very loud "Happy Birthday!" from PJ. He then led me to the kitchen table, ordered me to sit down and "stay!", then vanished into the back bedroom with Mum. They emerged after a few minutes of furtive whisperings, holding a beautifully decorated and be-candled birthday cake. After a rousing chorus of singing, PJ saved my poor aging lungs and blew out the candles. Sadly, I cant share a photo.

My Mum, bless, always asks if there's anything I want for my birthday. She came through with a set of Knitpicks Harmony dpns, one set of which are already halfway through a sock and which I am loving.

And she cooked dinner for us. All week.

Beloved and PJ, with a little help from a friend or two, presented me on Sunday morning with one of my heart's greatest desires:

A swift and ball winder. And, it seems, unlimited PJ-power to turn the winder! It's not slave labour if he asks to do it, is it?

The astute amongst you will note what's on the swift: a lovely gift from Bells and RoseRed. They fully appreciate the restraint I have shown since the Cassidy's $2 brain-snap and decided my stash needed some enhancing. Four skeins of mmmmalabrigo to love and pet and squish and call my very own. Three in stonechat and one in oceanus.

If it's possible (and I didn't think it was), they are more beautiful in the yarncake than the skein (cos now I can make yarncakes!). Now I have endless hours of pleasure ahead of me in deciding what to do with them!

After a particularly gruesome day at work (can you tell it was one of those weeks?), I arrived home to find yet another parcel waiting for me. I was floored to find that kms had gifted me her stunning Waratah Fibres polwath-silk Shetland Triangle, and some lovely tea. I may have swooned.

So thank you to everyone for my lovely gifts and for all the unexpected greetings and wishes. 'Twas a surprising and fabulous birthday indeed!


amy said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm a little jealous--not of the lovely gifts, but that you have help when your husband travels! (What's that like?!) I usually am very low-key about my birthdays, but my 35th is at the end of the summer and I have requested a dinner out with all my boys, followed by an ice cream cake. Small, simple wishes. :)

Michelle said...

Happy birthday for last week. I'm sure I sent you a message on Monday, but now I just can't be sure!

Looks like much fun was had and much loot was gained!

kms said...

i figured that such a delicate shawl would look best on your delicate shoulders! no no its not slave labour :) and how yummy is that malabrigo! im glad it turned out to be an event after all xx

Alwen said...

What a pretty shawl! Glad you had a lovely birthday.

MadMad said...

Oh, happy belated, Georgie! Glad it didn't go down as you anticipated!

Bells said...

we just knew you had to have some malabrigo - and what fun that your birthday gift is fun for PJ as well!!

Kylie is so lovely to give you the shawl. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Whew! All presents received and accounted for...thank goodness. And now you will be making your entire stash into yarncakes. For ever and ever. Or at least this week.

Rose Red said...

I was hoping PJ would be great help in winding yarncakes!!

Lovely shawl from lovely Kylie, what a great present!

Donna Lee said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I,too, feel like birthdays should be celebrated. You only get one day a year that's yours (well,yours and lots of other people's) and you should be celebrated. We do crepe paper and balloons for birthdays even when they're not milestones. It sounds like your mom and PJ did a good job and what a lovely wrap.

TinkingBell said...

Happy happy happy birthday (you didn't tell me!!!)
Love the presents! (be warned children making yarn cakes need close supervision - they get bored and try to turn in the other direction for no particular reason!)

I love my ballwinder and swift - I find it incredibly relaxing- it takes me into a zen state very quickly -especially when helped by champagne!

Lisa said...

I'd love a swift and ball winder. A couple of little helpers here would love to have their own take on PJ power.

Beautiful wool. Happy Birthday.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

First of all a belated happy birthday, I'm so glad that you had so amzing friends tyo gather around you with all those wonderful gifts.

As for PJ do realize that you may not be able to wind a ball yourself for several years, while PJ is around. My little guy (6 years)still runs down the stairs calling "mom you were suppose to wait for me" when he hears the sounds of swift/ball winder set up.