Friday, 30 May 2008

Me, too!

No Rose Red, you're not quite the last person in blogland to do this meme. I love a good meme, and I'm brain dead after a long Friday, so here it is.

1) What was I doing ten years ago?
I was halfway through the second year of my PhD studies in Darwin. At this particular time of the year - start of the tropical dry season - I would be most likely to be found out at one of my field sites, probably up to my knees in water or mud, taking measurements, keeping a whether eye out for snakes, wild pigs, crocodiles and drug growers. Since 530 that morning.

2) What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today?
Given the day is almost over, Ive done a few of them. Go to the supermarket, visit friends with a new baby, hang out the washing (and bring it in again). I still have to do the heel on a sock (deadline knitting) and do some more research on purchases in Germany for my SIL to bring out with her next month.

3) Snacks I enjoy?
Milk. More milk. Chocolate milkshakes. Cheesymite scrolls. Cheese and crackers (a nice sharp cheddar on Jatz by preference). And if Ive got a sweet-tooth (which you may have gathered is not often) a cinnamon doughnut or a square or two of dark (70% cocoa) chocolate.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire?
There have been stacks of good suggestions here already, and I'm not so imaginative as to come up with anything startlingly brilliant. Buy our own home, pay off my parent's and brother's mortgages and give them some play money, invest for the kid's education. I would also set up substantial trusts for the RSPCA and several organisations that focus on neglected and abused children and women. I might take a long holiday, and might work less, but certainly wouldn't give up working.

5) Places I have lived?
The country town (now outer suburb of Melbourne) where I grew up (3 houses); inner Melbourne while an undergrad (2 houses); Darwin to do my postgrad degree (at least 9 houses, Ive lost count there); outer Sydney and Blue Mountains (4 houses); Canberra (2 houses).

I am so tired of moving house.

6) Jobs I have had?
Nursery hand, devonshire tea waitress, GPs receptionist, bar attendant & waitress (up to management level), gaming attendant (ie. poker machines - soul destroying comes close), university tutor and lecturer, researcher. I'm now a public servant for the Federal Government.

7) Peeps I want to know more about?
Everyone! As I said, I love memes and I also love getting to know people. If you haven't done it, please do!


Bells said...

my first thought on seeing your post show up was,'my God, she's posted twice in one week!'

Your billionaire ideas were so GOOD. I was entirely selfish about mine but yes, could not imagine not helping out family and doing other helpful stuff.

Rose Red said...

So you were a bunny girl too!! (you just weren't called that!!) I knew there was a really good reason I liked you!!

Oh, and I thought I'd moved houses a lot - I've got nothing on you!!

Michelle said...

You realise that you are no longer a woman of mystery, don't you?

I'll bite!

Alwen said...

Now I feel all guilty that my billionaire ideas weren't more philanthropic!

Donna Lee said...

You have been a busy woman for someone who is about to give birth! I hope you are taking some time to put up your feet and rest. And let PJ take care of mommy. Ok, stop laughing. It could happen, you know!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

There is a song called "If I had a million dollars"...

...hmmmm I guess that a million doesn't cut it anymore

Jenaveve said...

I don't think you are the last to do this meme... I think I'll have a go later for a bit of fun. Good fun seeing what people have been up to, where they've lived, and what they'd do with a billion dollars. Must try and think what I was doing ten years ago - I can barely remember five minutes ago (and I'm not even pregnant!) I hear you on the Cheesymite scrolls... heaven.