Monday, 12 May 2008

This is....what reminds me of my Mum

It's funny how scents from childhood have some special place in our brains that are permanently linked to special memories.

My mum has used Oil of Olay every day since she was a teenager, and insists on receiving it as a gift at birthdays and Christmas. It was the first moisturiser I ever used myself, and I still go back to it from time to time. I always have a bottle in the bathroom cupboard.

And, in a similar vein, both the sight and smell of Cusson's Imperial Leather soap are irrevocably tied to thoughts of my Mum.

Happy Mother's Day to all mums, and to all women with special children in their lives.

This pre-1985

I missed one part of last week's meme, so in the interests of completeness, here is me before 1985:

with my beloved first pony, Diamond, at out first gymkhana in 1983. Note the plaited tail and mane, and that Diamond isn't too impressed with the whole deal.

We won three ribbons that day: the light blue is for a clear round in show-jumping; then there is a second and third, but I cant recall the events.

Oh, OK, here's another a bit closer up:

A fwe years earlier, maybe 1980. My Nan knitted me that jumper.


2paw said...

In the 'olden days' when I was small, my nan and my mum both used Oil of Ulan which turned, somehow, into Olay ( must be made in Spain now!!)
I was never a pony person, horses, enem small ones, scare the willies out of me.
Yay for nans' knitting!!

Michelle said...

You haven't changed a bit!

Rose Red said...

So cute George!!

Oil of Ulan was my first moisturiser too!!

Ginger_nut said...

doh - others beat me to the 'oil of ulan' comment... it was always olay in the US and I think we 'conformed'

imperial leather reminds me of my Nan - it's the soap she has in the bathroom.

Maureen said...

Ah the sense of smell - so very very strong, and one that goes back to our earliest memories. I'd forgotten to add that one thing that reminds me of my own mother is L'Air du Temps. I just don't smell it around any more tho I know it's still sold.

kms said...

oooh i didnt know you were a pony club girl! very cute :)

Bells said...

I second the pony club comment by Kylie! Too cute. I had a jumper with that style of neck too that my mum made. Lovely.

I would have said handknits remind me of my mum if I'd done this meme. I wish I could smell. She says lavendar reminds her of her mum.

And like Jane said about my photos - they are kind of you, kind of not!

MadMad said...

Oh, big fat sigh. I use Oil of Olay NOW. NOW, hon. So. Oh well. Good thing you had those cut pics after so I could get distracted from the pain...

TinkingBell said...

I still can't smell lavender without thinking of Nain (Welsh grandma) and roses are always the Irish grandma - as is Tweed and Tabu - Arpege always makes me think of mum and pipe tobacco of dad! Apparently the sense of smell is directly linked to the parts of our brain dealing with memory

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Isn't riding a pony every little girl's dream. I know that my two girls look across our back fence and wish that the horses there could be ridden.

As for scent, the smell of gingerbread cookies is what envokes memories of my childhood.

Lisa said...

My grandma was the same, Oil of Ulan and Cussons. I can smell it now just thinking of it.

Cute flashback photos. I especially like seeing boots after meeting your favourite shoes last week.

Kate said...

Oh, I'm a OOU/O girl. Used it for ages as couldn't justify the expense of more luxurious moisturisers. Trivia: When Oil of Olay was first being launched in Australia there was a popular Spanish cooking oil called Ole. In order to avoid any jokes about oiliness associated with their moisturiser, the manufacturers decided to launch it as Oil of Ulan in Australia.

i have no idea what Olay or Ulan mean, though.

JustJess said...

Mum was always an Oil of Ulan gal too. I loved the smell of it. Not as keen on the 'improved' formula, but Mum still swears by it. Great reminder. Thanks for popping by to say Hi on my blog too!