Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Bis naechstest mal

I had such plans before this trip to blog every couple of days as a diary of our trip. I even started taking photos of our meals and street signs and such things with plans to blog about them. I'm not sure why I'm so a) surprised and b) disappointed I didnt, because I plan to keep a diary every single trip and fail miserably. Despite having a home base at my parents-in-laws, there's always too much going on - people to see, places to visit, beer to drink, hangovers to recover from.

Even though we have a broadband wireless connection and the laptop on the dining table, the best I've managed is email checking and a brief look at the newspaper and weather most days.

First researching and writing my essay got in the way - I finished it on Wednesday moring, yay! Just a short exam to go and I'm DONE.

Then I simply had to research both on-line yarn shops, and find those on our travel routes, to make sure I knew everything I could about yarn available here. After our third yarn shop today, Beloved finally turned to me when we got back in the car and said "NOW do you have enough yarn?". He clearly still has much to learn. But I did say, very meekly, "yes" because he has been sooooooo patient with me, helping out when my german fails and making phone calls to fix the stuff-ups I made on my internet order. I really must get around to knitting something for him very soon!

Last night was the first at home in over a week - I hope you can forgive me for knitting for a short while in front of the telly before crashing out instead of blogging.

So tonight is our last night, we leave for the airport tomorrow evening and will be back in Oz Friday morning. I'm always sad to leave, because I feel very at home here, but I am ready to get back to my "stuff", as one always is after time away. Especially my pillow - I love my pillow and german ones just don't stack up. Its not just the ones of the spare bed here - believe me, after extensive research I've never found a german pillow I like. But that is the subject of another post.

I will blog about our trip - waffles, Schutezenfest (beer, oomptata music and firearms, woohoo!), the Germany-formerly-known-as-east, cultural challanges (including pillows), walks in the forest and our trail-blazing attempt to find every yarn store this side of the Rhine.

Until then, we have some serious packing to do.


p.s. hope you are all safe from the wild weather so many places seem to be having.


kms said...

travel safe, looking forward to having you home and hearing about who shot who at shutzenfest :)

Bells said...

a couple of great photos there George!

I can't believe the month has flown by. Will be good to see you home safe and sound, with stories to tell.

Taphophile said...

Wow, home so soon! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures.

Olivia said...

Glad you're enjoying the beer if not the pillows. And, I love the forest photo.

Jejune said...

Lovely to hear how you're going - SO relieved to hear The Essay is DONE! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time - amazed it's been a month already.

Love the forest photo - so GREEN!

Safe travels back home to your own pillow :)