Sunday, 17 June 2007


We are home safe, but not especially sound.

I hate jet lag. I suspect when you're almost-two-years-old it's even more weird.

I base this suspicion on the fact that Pirate Jim has been awake between 11:30 and 4 am for the last two nights. And since jet-lag manifests in me as waking up in the wee hours with my brain buzzing and my eyelids somehow unable to even meet in the middle, let alone close, I havent seen a lot of sleep in the last three days. I've discovered this effect isnt dependant on having actually been asleep directly prior to the magic "wee hour" to be suddenly wide awake. Woo-hoo.

The flight home was a mixed bag. Leaving Frankfurt at 12.05 am is not a lot of fun, and PJ was (understandably) crotchety, but we managed to get him allocated a seat to himself and he had flaked before they turned off the seat belt sign. He slept nearly 9 hours, so both Beloved and I also got some sleep (learning from past experiences to give over the excitement of in-flight movies when there is an opportunity to get some zzzzs).

I'm very glad we did, because the next leg was a nightmare of epic proportions: a full flight with no chance of a seat for PJ, an hour delay leaving Singapore due to bad weather in Sydney, PJ sleeping one hour until they turned off the seatbelt sign, then short bursts of grizzling punctuated by long bursts of screaming for 6 hours. Much to the joy of our fellow passengers. Sadly, no one actually said anything negative to me - I say sadly, because the first person that did was getting the child to look after while I watched Happy Feet.

Somewhere there was a minor god of travel sick of creating turbulence over Chicago, because PJ finally fell asleep in my arms as the pilot said "crew please be seated for landing" as we came into Sydney. Really bloody funny, thanks for that. Nothing like waking a sleeping baby to make everything good with world.

Flight on to Canberra cancelled due to bad weather. Managed to get onto next flight 30 minutes later. Take that, malevolent minor god, ha.

We landed in Canberra around 9am to pouring rain (all the better for finding the car in, my dear) and freezing cold. Brrrr. travel time: 31 hours.

Friday - sleep, unpack, store cupboard dinner Taph would be proud of. Well, maybe not proud, but certainly supportive.

Saturday - shop for supplies, wash clothes, unpack. Get to bed just in time to fall asleep before PJ decides its play time.

But now PJ and Beloved are finally asleep, I have caught up on blog reading and emails and local news in between more loads of washing, and the sun has finally shown itself. I can't believe its back to work tomorrow.

YARN UPDATE: due to my fluff-up of Paypal, and the vagaries of german banks, my internet yarn order containing local SnBer's yarn didnt arrive to home in Germany before we left on Wednesday. It should have made it on Friday, and be posted on again on Monday. Hopefully at my door in about 10 days.

I'm hoping to get to SnB today. Somebody prop me up if I doze off in my mega-double-choc-jamacian-mocha-soy-chai-latte-thingy. Until then, time for another cup of tea.



Bells said...

Hey George - glad to see you made it. Well done on surviving that. I'm sure the 9 hours' sleep went some way to making able to survive the horrendous part of the trip.

Welcome home!

Jejune said...

Oh you poor things - travelling with a small person is no picnic. We did the Sydney to LA trip when Son was 4 and Dotter was 20 months, and between them they had the trip covered - he had tantrums in all the airports, and she screamed and cried non-stop while we were in the air. Absolute horror trip.

The male flight attendant who asked me if I could possibly 'keep her quiet, as there were people trying to sleep' was in danger of his life...!

Since then I travelled with sedatives for the kids, just in case.

Jet-lag gems picked up from the astronomers I know (who travel a lot) are to get out and walk in the sunshine, and to take melatonin capsules (health food shops).

Glad you're back home safe and sound, and in one piece. Look forward to seeing you this arvo if you manage to make it (and we understand if you don't).

kms said...

oh my god...*groans in sympathy*. at least youre home finally....glad to know you are back in one piece, sort of, and hopefully catch up soon
k xxx

Taphophile said...

You did well to make it to SnB - was surprised, but pleased, to see you.

No-one would dare comment about a child on a flight - we've all been there, or can imagine it and none of us want to do it again. Pretty sure you'd have everyone's sympathies.

Hope the jet lag is starting to wear off.