Saturday, 2 June 2007

In summary....

Days: four

Kilometres driven: 1250

Kilometres walked: feels like the same

Time spent in traffic jams on autobahns: 1.5 hours

Distance travelled in traffic jams: 11 kms

Trucks counted while in traffic jams: 2,500 (after which point I quit)

Guesthouses: three

Fackwerk (half-timbered) houses: squillions

Beaches: one

Lakes: many

Mountains: several

Weather: first rain, then fine; around 20oC

Beers: a few (-ish)

Travelling in former East Germany: a little weird

Yarn shops: two

Yarn bought: ummmm, some....

Rows knitted on front of Geoff's Vest: not enough

Words written on essay due 31st May: zero

Look on Pirate Jim's face when he sees us after 4 days: priceless!!

Must, must, must get essay written. Promise more details and photos when some progress has been made.



Bells said...

oh you guys had four days on your own? Cool!

I was reading the list thinking, oh all those traffic jams with a toddler....but it sounds like you were sans toddler so that's bound to make it easier.

Jejune said...

Phew, a busy 4 days. What a lot of trucks!
Glad you got *some* yarn along the way ;)

Go do your essay, the procrastination is the worst of it, once you get started you'll feel so much better...

And now I'm off to help Dotter with HER essay, which she's already had an extension on, and absolutely must be finished by tonight!

Taphophile said...

Sounds great except for the traffic jams, but that may have been bonus knitting time so I won't judge.

Good luck with the essay.

Monique and Tools said...

Have just caught up on all your news. Am glad you are having so much fun and even more gladder to hear that you got away for a few days. Very adult! Hope you have now written that dreaded essay. Get that monkey off your back girl!!