Sunday, 24 June 2007

Pencils down, stop writing

Sound the trumpets and ring the bells, I have FINALLY finished the last piece of work for my postgrad degree. I can reclaim my life.

I started this degree in a fit of insanity less than a year after I finished my PhD (long before Pirate Jim was thought of) when I realised two things I wish I had of known years before: 1) that a phd really didnt mean a great deal when it comes to jobs outside academia, and 2) that an academic career really wasnt for me. The second point mainly came about because my first post-doc job was a dud, with a boss I didnt get along with, on a project that was badly designed by too many chiefs with me the only indian, on a topic I didnt even like, undertaken alternately in an office with no windows and a vineyard in the middle of summer that required me to be away from home for two weeks at a time.

So. Having discovered, the hard way, the truth of point 1, I decided I needed to do another degree, and I have to say that in the beginning I really, really enjoyed course-work postgrad study. Since the birth of PJ though, and the getting of my new job in the public service in Canberra (where I decided to aim after point 2 became abundantly clear), I've kinda lost interest. Especially given this last subject is a very badly taught - very, very frustrating given I've taught at the tertiary level for a number of years, and the amount of dosh Ive had to part with to do this course.

So, I put aside my perfectionism (which Im actually quite proud of myself for, in a kind of upside-down fashion) and just aimed to get through it and pass so I can take out the degree and get on with other, much more important stuff. Now I just have to hope I pass!

Not that it hasnt been really useful, and for the most part, really enjoyable, but I'm where I want to be for now so its time to move on. My Beloved is under strict standing orders to not let me anywhere near another course of study for at least 5 years.

Now I am free, free, free as the wind blows, free as the grass grows...ahem, sorry about that...but free to get on with all that stuff I have felt guilty doing with this course looming over me.

So please excuse me - if anyone needs me I'll in front of the telly , KNITTING.



Bells said...

Good for you Georgie, on all counts. I admire your determination to engage in study, even if it turns out it's not for you. That you even gave it a go with a child amazes me. I've not gone back to study since the end of my degree 10 years ago.

Enjoy the knitting time. You deserve it.

Jejune said...

Congratulations and damn well done! There's nothing quite like the feeling of having FINISHED, and - if you choose - never having to be a student again!

It's a pity you had such a bad post-doc experience, because I suspect that a positive experience, with a great project and supervisor could have been very different for you.

Enjoy wallowing in guilt-free telly and knitting!! And thanks for your suggestion about my absconded Lulu - I'll ask Bells to keep a sharp eye out for any evidence of BB being in cahoots with her.

Taphophile said...

Fanfare, streamers, a tiara and everything! Well done.

Rose Red said...

Congratulations - I don't know how you did it - studying, work, a child! Enjoy your knitting time, I wish that's what I was doing right now!

Monique and Tools said...

Good on you George! You've put that chapter to bed. Youre a marvel!

kms said...

yay for george!! your post gave me a quite a giggle considering where im at with all that right now, and how im thinking maybe a job at spotlight might not be so bad. they have yarn there you know :)