Wednesday, 18 June 2008


First, a public apology to Bells, for suggesting she could ever be anything approaching unkind. The irony of the rudeness of calling her unkind (even a teeny bit!) is not lost on even me! I claim a failure of my brain to come up with a better word and lack of rigorous editing, rather than intentional slander. Sorry Bells.


Now. It has come to my attention that there have been questions asked about The Bump.

So I thought - even at the 11th hour - I'd make sure everyone has all the information they need.

Listen carefully, I will say this only once.....

Everything is fine. No issues with the Bump, no issues with me. Apart from mild annoying wakefulness in the middle of the night (usually 1:56 am to around 4am, then 5:01 am to 6-ish) and an unspeakably painful pelvis, we are both very normal (quiet in the back) and healthy.

My due date is 26th June. That's the doctor's due date. Mine is 3rd July. We'll see. Place your bets**.

No, I don't know the gender. I'm not ready, and once you know, you cant unknow. I did half-wish I knew when I was browsing the baby clothes sale at a local department store Still not ready.

No, we're not particularly hung up on gender-specific colours. Bright is good - of any colour. Pale yellow is not. Frills and fluff are not a favourite either. I'm right with you on the pale pink frou-frou thing Amy. (this is not intended to sound presumptuous - but I know it has been asked)

As I mentioned last post, there has been some expansion. Even though everyone keeps telling me I look very "neat" or "compact", I feel like a hippo.

I was going to entertain you with a photo of what used to be known as my belly-button, but decided against it.

Despite my very best intentions, and an ever-increasing Ravelry queue, I am yet to knit a single thing for this baby. Not a sock, not a hat...nada. I do have one thing on the needles, nice mindless knitting, but it's got a long way to go.

Bad Mama.


**Kate's comment on the last post arrived just minutes after I wrote that sentence and I say YES - lets have a guessing comp!

Leave your bet for date and time (Australian Eastern Standard Time please - no way am I figuring out where you're from and what time it is there compared with here.....) in the comments and there will be a prize for whoever gets the closest!

It can be either side (before or after) - just the closest. Entries close when I go into labour - although I wont be blogging that, there will be some who know when it happens.

Note to Beloved: if I give away some of the stash, am I allowed to replace it?


amy said...

July 2, 1:30 pm.

And better to get the preferences known, I say. If people want to be generous, they may as well get something you'll actually use, right? :)

Michelle said...

June 27th, 3.53 am.

The photo makes you look tinier than you are (although I certainly would not say you were the size of a hippo!) I'll have to talk to you about what flattering angles you used!

Bells said...

Apology graciously (and smilingly) accepted!

I am going to say 24 June, 4:50am. You're going to go early. I'm sure of it!

Although as the person who may well end up sitting with PJ, I'd prefer around 3pm so then we can go and pick him up from childcare and bring him to the hospital after work!

Caffeine Faerie said...

Hon, you ain't no hippo. That bump is all baby.

I'm with Bells on the early thing -also 24 June, 21.55.

And I've got some more nice bright colours in baby-weight wool - do you have a preference for type of clothing for said bump?

Janet McKinney said...

I am going to guess you go over the due date - and you have the baby right at the end of the financial year - that is 2359 hours on 30 June 2008. No being early - that is not fair on all of us mum's who went over the due date absolutely sure we were going to BURST
Janet McKinney

Rose Red said...

What? No live feed from the birthing suite? Man, I'm so disappointed!!

(um, in case it's not clear - NOT!!)

My vote is for July 25, 7.30pm. And a boy, about 7 pounds (I simply cannot do kilos when it comes to babies). Name: E. (for Easycare) Hank Weibeke - perfect!!

Lisa said...

I'll go with your date of July 3 with a 6.03 arrival for your precious little one.

Enjoy these last weeks of belly rubs.

TinkingBell said...

1st of July - at an obscene hour of the night! And I'm guessing a girl (or possibly a boy - no, a wombat. no it'll be a kitten)

Jejune said...

Hmmm. I'm going for June 26th at some dark hour (11 pm perhaps)? Mainly because no-one else has picked that date yet, not because it's the Dr's due date...

You're looking remarkably good, and not at all hippo-ish - although I know that it does FEEL hippo-ish.

Good luck getting your list of things done! Don't stress about it all too much, though.

Bells said...

I would like to declare RoseRed a FREAK!

July 25th? Surely she meant June 25!

Georgie said...

I think youre right Bells! And if they havent got it out by FOUR WEEKS after my "official" due date....I'm sending in a search party!!

No baby I know of ever stayed on the inside though....

Alwen said...

Hmmm, I'll guess July 1 at 9 in the morning after a nice short labor, and just in time for breakfast!

(Why not, that's how mine went.)

Jan said...

June 28th, 3:00 am.

All the best from someone whose three babies were all three weeks early. and yes, both I and and the doctor could count.

MadMad said...

June 30, 5 a.m. And that's gotta be a boy, doncha think? Mostly people get quite fat when carrying girls. (Also, if they're me, boys.)

Rose Red said...

JUNE!! I meant June!! Gah! (did I mention I washed my hair yesterday and forgot to use shampoo...I've a brain like a sieve, I swear!)

Donna Lee said...

I think your bump looks wonderful! Not hippo-like at all. And I guess July 2 at 2 am. But I hope it's closer to the doctor's date. None of my girls were early and all were well over 8 (Em was over 9 1/2) pounds.

kms said...

well of course i just KNOW youre going to go while we're at knitting camp, so im saying saturday night the 28th around 10pm. 10.15 perhaps. you look great and i got you some non-yellow surprises today!

Monique and Tools said...

Am going one day over your due date at 4th of July 6am. I think you definitely have a boy bump George. Now, if I do win I will donate "stash" back to next closest knitter as I will not do justine to your hoard George.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

With the amount of knitting friends that you have, you really don't have to knit anything for the baby.

July 1st at noon. (ACT time of course)

Kate said...

Mum's know these things and I'm going to say 3rd July at 2.40am. Squee, very excited. : )