Thursday, 26 June 2008

A very special post

I'm still here.

I contemplated taking Rosered's suggestion to save my 100th post for the arrival of the bump (who's ready for the live streaming?? Kidding!!), but an opportunity to good to pass up has presented itself.

What nicer way to mark one's 100th blog post than with a celebration of the kindness and generosity of knitters, crocheters and bloggers?

I have commented before on the joy and acceptance I have found with the Canberra SnBers. Ive been going for a bit more than a year now, and look forward to the regular gatherings so I can catch up with those whom I now regard as friends, ooh and aah over everyone's projects, paw through new books and pat new yarn and meet new folk. I was introduced to blogging, and a whole new world (literally!) of blog-friends, through SnB.

On Tuesday evening, at one of the regular gatherings, I was reminded once again of the importance SnB and blogging now has in my life.

I was presented with the most gorgeous, thoughtful, generous gift for the bump.I cant do it justice with any single photo, but you get the idea: a blanket made from squares knitted and crocheted by a raft of SnBers and bloggers, sewn together and edged in crochet.

I'm not sure if it was evident, but I was quite speechless and overwhelmed that this has been going on behind the scenes for so long and with so much enthusiasm!

I love it - both because it is so lovely and snuggly and perfect for the Bump, but also because it represents all the things I love about being part of the SnB and blogging communities.

I would like to thank everyone involved, both local and remote: a special one to Beth Bynnag for organising, coordinating, sewing up and edging, and to all the contributors: Jejune, Othlon, Kuka, Taphophile, Happy Spider, Quilting Mick, Silkydoll, Luckycat, Twitchy Fingers, Rosered, Tinkingbell, Monnsqueak, Olivia, kms, Bells, and the bloggless Jacqui and Krissy.

So finally my 100th post (you were so right Bells! June - and only just!) and Im so glad I had the opportunity to make it about something special. Since the Bump Sweepstakes is still going, I think there will a random celebratory competition sometime down the track.

Thank you all, more than you can possibly know.

G x

p.s. The Bump Sweepstakes are still open, of course, but enough with the middle-of-the-night predictions already! Please!


ETA: It had to happen, It nagged at me when I wrote the list, and I thought "I bet I'll forget someone".

And I did: Caffeine Faerie, Im so very sorry!! It wasn't on purpose, I promise!


Rose Red said...

Happy 100 posts! You are right, perfect subject matter for the special post!

Now, this baby arrival business, can I pick a new day, since my previous pick has passed (darn you, baby, for not being early!!)??!! If so (heh! cheeky!) I pick 30 June. How's about 4pm, is that a good time?

Caffeine Faerie said...

You forgot about me! I knitted you a very pretty little square too.

And isn't that blanket just gorgeous!

Congrats on a good innings so far. In some ways, getting this hundred out of the way before you lose the bump allows you to start the next chapter with the bump. 100 is a nice round number to say - I'm here blogging world, and then at 200 you can say I'm still here blogging world - and I've still the time to blog! >.<

As for the sweepstakes, I hope the baby has some respect for those on Knitting Camp, and arrives either before Friday (as in, this evening), or, on Monday - how does lunchtime sound to you? (Yes, I am being cheeky. The fact I have to give a presentation at an interview tomorrow is getting to me) *waves*

Bells said...

Oh yes, a very worthy topic for post #100. It was fun being part of the plans, all the secret squirrel stuff. It was lovely to know we were all giving something as a group.

So as I don't want you to give birth while I'm out of town, I think Monday at 1:40pm will be just fine!

TinkingBell said...

Lovely post!! I did enjoy knitting my leaf square (I've wanted to do it for ages and this was a lovely excuse) and it was so nice to be included in making it - even if I'm not a canberran - thank you!

Happy 100th!

Michelle said...

Happy 100th post! It was so much fun being part of a shhhh secret project. And I can see my block there in the photo!

Bells' brain will explode if you give birth anytime between midday tomorrow and Sunday night. So keep your legs closed, will you?

Bells said...

well said Michelle!

I'll never forgive myself for signing up to Knitting Camp if the bump shows up over the weekend. And Sean will always lord it over me that he got to be here for it!

MadMad said...

Oh, that is just awesome! What a loving gift! And it's beautiful! So you're all ready to go now. (Isn't it the Harlot who says the baby waits for its blanket?) Better get packed!

And congrats on the 100!

Bec said...

Happy 100th Georgie!

I'm sticking with my guess - baby girl, 4th of July, mid-afternoon. That'll give you enough time to madly sew more nappies ;-)

Kuka said...

Ooh, Michelle, you're just worried about amniotic fluids meeting your floors when you're on Georgie-sitting duties tomorrow night!!! hehe

I'll put in a bid for Saturday afternoon (the 28th?), 3pm-ish, and (for what it's worth) a girl =D


Beth Bynnag said...

My guess is 1.30am on Monday 30th June. I think it will be a boy. Glad you like the blanket. I'm just relieved that I don't have to keep it a secret anymore! While I was overseas I managed to convince myself that I had accidentally included your email address on one of the top secret blankie emails I sent to the knitters and that I had blown the surprise. After a few days of hearing nothing from you a figured it was just my overactive imagination (I'd bcc'd people so i couldn't check who I'd sent it to- der!)

kms said...

it was a lovely idea and the end product is just gorgeous thanks to beth bynnag. so glad to be a part of it! xxx

Caffeine Faerie said...

Kuka, you're being evil with a weekend prediction.

But I think we're all just waiting to know what it is so we can start knitting to suit. :)

I now just check my email to see if there's word yet. Isn't that a teensy on the anticipatory side...? ^.^

Kuka said...

teehee ;) mmm everyone is very keen on Monday, hey
I'm also checking email and blogs and rav hourly just in case!! hehe

Michelle said...

Amniotic fluids! Ha! Kuka, are you a fortune teller?

Caffeine Faerie said...

Michelle, Jacqui did say something about pushing people out a door... Did something the Kuka say ring true? :)

Neet said...

Congratulations George!! Mick showed us a photo at SnB tonight. What a cutie!
Hope you're doing really well!