Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Reflections (or other naff post title of your choice...)

Lots of my blogging mates have been reflecting on the past and coming years; I've been thinking a lot about both too. Because I wouldnt know brevity if it leered at me, offered to buy me a drink and tried to feel me up, tonight I'll reflect on the past year, and tomorrow will think about the coming one.

2007 has been a very interesting year, not least of all because I've joined both the blogging and local SnB communities. The insights and friendships that both have given me are nothing short of inspiring.

We moved to Canberra in February 2007, and I shortly after went to my first local SnB gathering. As an introvert, I would never have had the courage to do it if I didn't already know kms, and persuade her to introduce me, as it were. I was dead nervous (she had to meet me outside the cafe - no way was I going in on my own! They might eat me up!), but it's been one of the most rewarding things I've done in the last year. All of the Canberra SnBers are wonderful, and many have become friends. So thankyou all, bloggers and non-bloggers, for enriching my year in so many ways, and making me feel so welcome in a new city.

As a new blogger in 2007 (you may have noticed I'm always just about the last one to notice something interesting going on!), I have been amazed, excited and overwhelmed by the friendship, generosity and support of fellow bloggers. Who would have thought you could become such friends with people you've never met? And I've had the pleasure to meet quite a number of fellow bloggers in the flesh - even better. I don't want to name names for fear of leaving someone out, but if you are a regular or sometime reader, commenter or not, thankyou for making me laugh, cry, think, knit and feel compelled to share my own experiences with you.

Knitting has waxed and waned a little for me this year; I've had maybe a dozen or so FOs, maybe twice as many UFOs and more wishes than I can count. Stash enhancement has featured strongly (stop giggling down the back - I'll blog it soon) and I've discovered the joys of luxury and indie yarns. Oh, and the web as a source of patterns, and the bottomless pit that is knitting books. Just what a hoarder loves - more stuff!

My year has had myriad other ups and downs, too many to document (and many I'd rather forget), but as I am extraordinarily lucky to have supportive and grounding family and friends, an amazing husband who indulges me and a little boy who teaches me something new every day, the ups outweighed the downs many times over.

Thankyou to everyone who enriched my life this past year. I am lucky indeed.


Michelle said...

I'm just too lazy to post about how my life changed with blogging and SnB, but I "here here" everything you've said. Thank you for your friendship over the last few months, George! I have valued it a lot.

Alwen said...

And thanks for the waffeln recipe, yum.

Donna Lee said...

I, too, was a late joiner to the blog community. It always seemed to be something for other people. I am so glad I took the leap and got to meet so many fascinating, smart, generous people and share in their lives. It has been a high spot in the year.

TinkingBell said...

Happy Happy Happy New Year! and 'Here, here!!' to all the above. Looking forward to meeting you (and all the other Snber in Canberra in 2008) - I'm thinking I'll need some very simple knitting to take, because we'll all be talking too much to pay attention to complex lace!

Bells said...

George that line about brevity had us both giggling last night. Too funny.

It's been marvellous getting to know you and your boys. Really great. I still remember when you showed up at the Harlot Happening. I knew you were new but couldn't help feeling like you had sort of always been around because you slotted right in. I'm so glad KMS brought you along!

kms said...

im glad i did it too, it has made me very happy to see you connect so well with the lovely canberran snbers. of course, it is torture as well because no sooner do i do it then i move back here. you and the girls are the only things i miss about canberra. and really george, i feel like the lucky one. thank you for everything this year. kms xxxx

Rose Red said...

Well, fellow introvert, I know exactly how you feel about waiting outside - I would have done the exact same thing!! Conquering our fears, even with someone to hold our hand, brings such great rewards hey!
Happy New Year!

Kuka said...

Beautiful post Georgie =)
Hugs and best wishes for the coming year =)