Tuesday, 22 January 2008

I like the green grass under my shoes

Recently Canberra's very own Jejune had her OMFG Im in Vogue blog competition, and little old me won a prize!

Jejune very generously shared some of the her own Knitting Art products, which Ive been coveting for the longest time. If you're not familiar with Jejune's knitting-themed art, you must drop by her site and have a look. She's terribly talented and and her work is fabulous and I'm very privileged to call her a friend.

Here's my lovely prize:

Some cards featuring several of her prints, a fridge magnet of Shiraz Socks and a lovely personalised bookmark. Ignore the chocolate....just keep walking, nothing to see here. Don't get between the pregnant lady and the chocolate. (Yes, that does mean you Beloved!)

Thanks Jejune!

And another thankyou.....

for everyone's supportive, sympathetic and helpful comments on last night's (awfully verbose) post. I really, really appreciate your thoughts and shared experiences.

Some comments also gave me hope that it is possible to overcome the odds, learn to live mindfully and see that there can be another way. Which certainly gladdens my heart.

I won't dwell anymore on the subject, but will continue and extend my own New Year's Aim of living more mindfully myself.



Donna Lee said...

What you said about children in your last post broke my heart. After struggling to get three girls safely to adulthood with their self-esteem intact and with an ability to care for themselves and others and to cope with life, it makes me so sad to see other children who will not have the advantage of a loving home to fall back on. I see if frequently here at work (a mental health center) and I listen to the stories of adults who grew up feeling unloved. It does carry far into adulthood and is so hard to get rid of the feeling that you are worthless and that is why no one loves you. I wish every child could grow up surrounded with love. Enough sermonizing. I don't have the hormone excuse and my eyes are getting teary.

kms said...

w00t! i have some of these headed my way too. hope they made you feel better xx

Rose Red said...

Lucky you with the prizes! I had to resort to buying mine!!!

MadMad said...

I bought some, too, and they are so worth it! (I have the shiraz socks in notecards form!)

Jejune said...

So glad you love them, and they could gladden your day (((hugs)))

Kate said...

Just read the previous post. God. I've been in that situation before and there's just no good way to handle it. None of the options will result in any marked or permanent change so I'm with Taph - campaigning for more fully-funded, occasional-childcare. This could mean that parents can get some time away from kids if they're having difficulties with them and more access to resources that could have a positive impact. Sometimes it's the time out that's needed. In this case, well, pray/hope that the kid rises above the home environment, cause that does happen too. Yours and your partner's own good work with PJ will mean that he can have kids in the future without disciplining issues. There's always hope in the future.