Sunday, 20 January 2008

WIPs in crisis

My task for this weekend was to get my WIPs into order: do an inventory, assess the priorities, and formulate a plan for getting them off my worklist so I could get onto all my wish-list projects without too much guilt.

Oh dear.

It seems I have a teeny-tiny problem with finishing stuff I've started. But then anyone who has given up checking on the WIPs and FOs list on my sidebar might have twigged to that.

I'm not going to do a pictorial inventory (no point killing off your download limit as well as mine); a list will give you sufficient idea of the magnitude of my problem. We know how much I love a list.

In no particular order:

1. Isabella - cast on 21/10/07, 20 rows completed

2. Dashing - cast on July; 1 mitt and about 15 rows of second mitt complete

3. Spider socks - turning heel on second sock

4. Monkey socks - cuff and one patter rep complete

5. Beloved's Jet jumper - cast on 1/12/07; about 50 rows of back complete

6. Cable vest for PJ - cast on 2/01/08; half of back complete

7. Branching Out - cast on January 08; only half a dozen rows complete and will probably be frogged

8. Adult cable beanie - up to decreases but still need to work out pattern

9. Checkerboard dishcloth - one pattern rep complete, but using 2 strands 4 ply together and cant memorise pattern

So you see, I have some work ahead of me. To borrow a turn of phrase from Beloved, this needs a little more thinking. I would welcome any advice on how to approach what has become a very hostile knitting basket, full of truculent and nasty WIPs.

And all the while there are a dozen more projects calling to me, and yarns in the stash begging to have some attention paid to them.

While you're contemplating that, I would like to canvass opinion of the final WIP, as I have been undecided about it for some time.

10. Baby singlet in Happy Spider hand-dyed.

This is most of the back of a baby singlet in Ms Spidey's Pansy colourway. I'm not convinced.

So if you comment on nothing else (and let's face it, I don't really need more grief on that list), answer me this:

Frog it and go for socks or a BSJ, or persevere?

The lines are now open.....


Bells said...

It's easy Miss G.

Get rid of anything you don't care about. Frog and return to the stash. Be ruthless. I know you can do it.

Oh and I think the singlet should be a BSJ. It's too blocky, I think.

2paw said...

OK, I'm a bit slow, I had to google BSJ. Now I know what it is I agree with Bells, I think it will make a great BSJ.
Personally, I slog throught he things I need to finish, and unravel anything that hasn't worked. I need to do that more as I stubbornly kept going on 2 cardis that I KNEW weren't working. Finish the things that need the least finishing off first!!! Good luck.

Alwen said...

I wonder how many WIP's I have? Last year when I did a list like that, it was 6 or 7. I'm fairly sure it's more than that this year, including the scarf I cast on last night.

Usually I try to pick each one up every once in a while and work a row or two. Sometimes one catches fire and suddenly gets finished. Other times I've frogged them.

I think the Pansy yarn would work great as a BSJ. (Says she of the three pairs, that's six socks, OTN.)

amy said...

Singlet? Is that like a onesie? I don't know how to answer the question. I Googled it but it showed something very summerish. I'd do a BSJ just because I haven't done one before!

As for the WIP list. Same as the stuff list--I try not to start too many things. If something is OTN for more than a year without progress I'd have to guess, for myself, that I'm really not that interested in actually making it, and liberate the yarn for something else.

MadMad said...

Oh, I think it's cute - echoes of tie-dye or something! (I can give no advice whatsoever in the finishing WIPs department, because I have my own issues there. But I think the singlet is cute!)

Rose Red said...

I like the singlet, cool zig zags! But if you aren't feeling the love, maybe you should frog it. And, since you asked and I'm feelign opinionated today, frog the scarf, if you are already thinking that. Then finish the dashings, because seriously that will take about an hour! Then finish the spider socks. Then return rest to wip basket (unless you want to frog any more) because really, there's no problem with having wips, in my opinion. It just gives you more knitting choices!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Feel free to join in with Finish it off Friday:

I found last year that by reporting each week it gave me the impetous to actually work on things I had hanging round...

happyspider said...

Like i said, BSJ. garter stitch LOVES hand-painted yarns and you'll feel like a genius when you finish it ^_^
and i agree with 2paw, if something isnt happening for you then frog it. life's too short for knitting stuff you arent enjoying.

kms said...

i think it would make a lovely bsj actually now that ive seen a few of them, agree with bells, a bit too blocky. nice colours tho. will suit the bsj style i think. and you have been given excellent advice on the wips. keep some you know you want to get done eventually, and get rid of the ones you want. i bit the bullet yesterday and finished a sock i didnt like just so i could get the needles for something else. that motivation seemed to work! xx

kms said...

get rid of the ones you DONT want i meant. and by dont want, i agree with amy, if its been sitting there for a while the love has probably gone. xx

TinkingBell said...

Definitely BSJ (Because I think they're amazing and want to make lots! - especially for grown ups), Wips - easiest/most finished first! My WIPs have recently expanded and I have 3 socks on the needles (2 are travelling socks) and a dishcloth and Bella - which for me is heaps) But don't fret - have car/travelling knitting with easy ones and leave the more complex larger for evenings!

Michelle said...

Had done a beautiful reply by blogger and my work firewall ate it.

To paraphrase:

What 2paw said.
What the shopping sherpa said.
What spidey said.

I don't think your long list is unique - if any of us were completely honest, I reckon most would have a sizable WIP list. The secret is understanding why it is a WIP - whether it be short attention span, boredom or hatred!

I may just have to do my own WIP list - and keep in mind I've been seriously crocheting for only 9 months!

Anonymous said...

I flip a coin when I have to make a decision. If I feel secretly happy or disappointed with the way it turned out, then I know which way I really want to go.

I think the only way to deal with a WIP pile is to do them one at a time, and not start anything new whilst you're finishing them. If you can do that, then you can probably also achieve world peace!

Lynne said...

You could join Finish Off Friday or - if you want a whole month of finishing - join February is for Finishing. The rules are flexible and it really worked for me last year.

Sadly for me, no knitting and some frogging means few UFOs *sigh*