Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Taking aim

The mere fact that my promised post about my thoughts on the incoming year is 2 days overdue (4, if you count the fact that I should really have posted on the first) should give you a hint about the sort of things I'd like to tackle in 2008. Does it count that I've basically broken the resolutions aims I haven't even formally made yet?

I've never been one for making resolutions, since I'm both very bad at deciding what I should resolve to do (aside from inanities such as "be happier" or "world peace") and very bad at keeping anything more specific. My resolution for 2004 was "to give blood" (remember that one, kms?) and I still haven't done it!

So this year, I am making some aims rather than resolutions (thanks, Donna Lee!).

I know I am a procrastinator of the highest order, which can lead a lot of useless diversions, laziness and "can't be botheredness".

Whether it's cleaning the bathroom, going that extra mile at work, starting a new knitting project (especially on a deadline - make that doing anything on a deadline) or unpacking those boxes from the move in February (that's Feb 1997, when I moved to Darwin), I would quite often rather hang about and think about it than get stuck in and just do it. If I do start, chances are I'll get part-way through and get distracted and it never gets finished. (OK, between you and me, usually Beloved finishes it. One of the myriad reasons I adore him!)

It's strange, because I feel compelled to be organised; I have been know to make lists of lists I need to make, and am never more productive than when I have clear goals, tight deadlines, and (perhaps most critically) people who will be affected by the outcome.

So for 2008, I aim to live more consciously, instead of just thinking that I'll deal with it tomorrow. By this, I mean consciously make the decision to suck it up and do whatever task is at hand. Consciously work at my parenting skills; consciously identify and work at my weak points at work; consciously plan so that the week goes more smoothly.

I think, for me anyway, the key to this is be more organised: keep a running list of tasks, use my diary religiously, consider myself as one of those who will be let down if I don't complete a task, make tasks short, focused and realistic.

Another important part of this aim will be to declutter the house. I am a world-class hoarder. No further evidence of this is needed that the fact that it took us TWO shipping containers to move our belongings from Sydney to Canberra earlier this year. Two adults (who have cohabited for 7 years), one toddler, a dog and a cat should not have that much stuff. No wonder I can never find anything.

I'm not going to sign up for a seven-things style declutter (yet!), but will try and include one task each week that moves towards this. Lets just see how we go with this one, shall we? Remind me to check in in about a month!

Of course my 2008 aim extends to knitting. The first 10 weeks of pregnancy really knocked me about and knitting made me feel worse; I fell out of the habit of picking it up at any spare moment.

In the vein of being more organised, I want to use tools such as Ravelry and this blog to keep track of WIPs, plans and stash more rigorously. I aim to set aside time to maintain and nurture both these things without feeling guilty about neglecting other things. I would also like to use the blog to try and document goals, tasks and progress, knowing that someone will read it and know whether or not Ive at least tried to do them.

I will also (please don't read this bit, Beloved - I know you'll use it against me) knit as much as possible from my stash. This isn't by any means a full-on commitment, just a promise to check what I have and try and knock over some of my planned projects before I buy more yarn.

So, there you have it: a wishy-washy non-committal kind of almost-promise to think about trying to work towards becoming a better person.

It only took 4 days of procrastinating to get there!


Alwen said...

I think the "thinking about it" tends to pop up in a lot of introverts. I know I can certainly think something to death and never actually get around to it!

I'm a clutter-er married to a thrower-outer, so I know I face some decluttering in 2008, too.

amy said...

The easiest way to declutter is to not buy the stuff in the first place. This is coming from a pack rat who is married to a saver, and together we've spawned children who weep if I try to recycle the wrong piece of tiny scrap paper. So take anything I say with a grain of salt! But when I'm buying something, and especially when we're, say, buying lots of stuff (like what Santa brought), I'm always thinking of where it will live in my house. Does it have a place already? (Like books; we have spots for books, although--ahem--the bookshelves are bursting.) Or will I have to find a place for it? I try not to buy the items that won't already have a spot to live.

That said, I'm constantly fighting the STUFF in my house. Our basement is a horror. The office--where we keep the kids' craft supplies, my yarn, and a bunch of homeless stuff--tends towards entropy no matter how often I organize it.

But holy jeez, Georgie, I'm married to a mover and I am pretty darn impressed by the two shipping containers. :)

MadMad said...

Whew. This is ambitious! I think I will got take a nap until, say, March, so I won't have to reflect on how much of this I also need to do...

TinkingBell said...

How like me you sound!! Lists, stuff and procrastination - I'm off to make alist of the stuff I need to de-cluitter tomorrow!

kms said...

lol, very amusing post. of course im laughing WITH you as i totally recognise myself in the thinking about doing rather than doing (pensky file anyone?) and getting halfway through something and getting distracted! hopeless. however, you will be pleased to note that your post says it was posted on january 1, so that means you are not late with making your not-resolutions. in fact, you are already 4 days in credit. way to go :) ps, you might want to call the blood bank and let them know youre not coming

Rose Red said...

Wow - now I don't need to do my own post about my aims. I can just link to yours, and say "same"!

Bells said...

What RoseRed said!

You know, it's a good point about letting yourself down. It's like how I only ever do a really, really good clean if people are coming over. What about cleaning up just for us? I'm going to try and apply that idea more generally.

2paw said...

Aims or affirmations are great, I just break resolutions but I do think the most important thing is how you are going to achieve aims. At school, I used to make the children write 3 concrete ways they would achieve their aims. You would get a gold star and a tick VG!!! Happy New Year!!!
PS I am The Worst Organised Person, I was just able to facilitate well for small people!!!

Neet said...

Wow! I'm so glad I'm not the only procrastinator out there! Good on you for being so open about it... sometimes I think I'm a bit of a closet procastinator. Sometimes my procrastination can be debilitating!! (definitely a fan of lists too... although I'm starting to realise that having a big list of ALL there is to be done in front of me may be what debilitates me!)
My resolution this year is to 'do it NOW!'.
Happy New Year George... hope to catch you at a SnB soon!!