Friday, 4 January 2008

Georgie's List

As I noted yesterday, I need to become more organised so that I'm more efficient at using my time. On thinking over last night's post, I realised I get bogged down and can't-be-bothered because there are just too many options for using any spare time I have. So I faff around with everyday things or dawdle along on the computer, and never really get started on anything of substance.

So, in the interests of disclosure and accountability, I give you (fanfare) The List:

  • clean out wardrobe and throw out anything not worn in last 12 months; put clothes that fit right now to the front

  • clean out and reorganise PJ's room; move baby things to nursery

  • go through PJ's toys, store anything no longer used (too young) and relocate most to his bedroom

  • declutter store/junk room that will become nursery

  • organise nursery

  • spring clean and update blog

  • tidy knitting corner in lounge room

  • review and tidy stash

  • review WIPs and planned projects list; prioritise

  • update Ravelry

  • clean out linen cupboard

  • establish system for weekly menu planning

  • clean out pantry

  • declutter kitchen cupboards

  • go through boxes of kitchen stuff in garage

  • declutter spare room

  • clean out cupboards in guest room

  • go through boxes of materials from study

  • set up sewing machine and organise accesories

  • review sewing projects and prioritise

  • clean out bookcases

  • organise loose recipes into folders and organise magazines

  • go through, cull and print digital photos

  • put printed photos into albums

as at 5 January 2008.

Hopefully, by posting publicly, I will succumb to the weight of expectation and guilt and be able to post progress every so often. Feel free to indulge in public butt-kicking. I respond well to humiliation.

In the meantime, I'd better get in one last faff for old time's sake and contemplate the procrastination opportunities this list presents.


Alwen said...

Wow! I read your list and now I think I need a nap! It's a little early to be "nesting" already, isn't it? :)

TinkingBell said...

Excellent (rubs hands etc)!!! Still looks very like my list (should be) and has been happening ove the last year - but don't forget to program 'Me' time, and tired time and knitting time! - Put them on the list too!

Taphophile said...

And when you're finished there, I've got this spare room that scares me so much I keep the door closed ALL the time.

Best of British with it.

kms said...

good lord. im exhausted just reading it! i do wish you luck with it but i dont think anyone will want to try and guilt into doing any of it (other than the nursery stuff) given that particular project you're working on. also, could we have a due date please so baby knitting can start? (or did you already say that, something about june?) you dont get to have all the fun!

Georgie said...

I hadnt thought of it as nesting (just getting prepared), but I think youre onto something there Alwen!

And my due date: 3rd July. PJ arrived smack on his due date, but Im not making any promises ;-)

Rose Red said...

So when you do all this stuff today, what are you going to do tomorrow??!!

amy said...

I'm tired just reading that list. I'm going to have to stop visiting your blog, Georgie. You're making me feel like a slug.

Also, my husband (the mover) is hung up on you needing two shipping containers. He wants to know if you really meant the 40-ft shipping containers, or maybe something else? Because his mind is a bit blown if you meant what he knows as "shipping containers." :)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I'm feeling a wee bit behind the times...but then again, I'm always the last to know...

That baby is going to be the most knitted for baby in the world. Big hugs of congrats.

Donna Lee said...

Wow. You are an ambitious woman. I could transfer most of those directly onto my own list. Well, except for those nursery, baby things. No more baby things here! Although, I am trying to get Em's stuff organized so she can take it out of here and put it into her own house. I guess that counts as moving baby's stuff.

Bells said...

All this AND growing a baby?

The second you need a friend's house to escape to, you have my number. Use it!

MadMad said...

OK. You're making me nervous - sit down already, with a cup of tea!

Shazmina Bendi said...

ok, this list is making me thirsty & tired!! I am (patiently) awaiting another blog post though.... You are my new Goddess of all things crafty! ;)