Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Did someone say nesting?

I guess maybe I have been. Just a little. That big long list of Things To Do Once I Start Maternity Leave is slowly getting shorter. I have been cleaning, washing, baking, making (more) lists, sewing, and yes, some knitting too.

I figured that despite recieving many gorgeous gifts already (about which I will blog later), I really should knit something for the Bump myself.

Inspired by Bells, I started a Pi Blanky a couple of weeks ago, in Bendy 8ply Classic in Tuscan.
You need a nice warm, bright blanky in the Canberra winter. I'm keeping it simple, just the YO increases for the pattern, although now I'm in the "knit 48 rounds" section, I've put in an extra row at 24 rows.

Although it's great, mindless round-and-round knitting, Ive decided to put the brakes on because I've got some outstanding gift knitting on the needles.

That didn't stop me casting on a pair of longies in Happy Spider 8ply Wakame.

What did stop me, however, was getting to the gusset of the longies and needing a second pair of 4mm dpns. Now I know I have at least one more set (I'm sure I've two), but do you think I could find them?

Not in my needle cases or boxes (just dont ask. I am in dire need of needle storage solutions.)

Not in this knitting basket......

And not in this knitting basket.

What I did find, though, was a huge bloody shambles of WIPs, random small purchases, sample cards, ball bands and general crap.

It called for some cleansing. I am pleased to report that I frogged no less than five languishing WIPs:

  • a BSJ in Happy Spider 4ply (I just can't get the hang of this pattern, as much as I long to),
  • a beanie in Jet that I can't get the cable pattern to work for,
  • a baby kimono (from a Sirdar pattern - in pieces! Why would I knit one in pieces and then sew them up? Hah!)
  • a Debbie Bliss baby jacket both in pieces (hah!) and 5ply (w-a-y too slow)
  • a baby beanie in Peaches and Cream that just wasn't working.

And relocated no less than 25 balls of yarn back to the stash cupboard.

Still no 4 mm dpns.

But it feels much better! And I have identified some good hospital knitting:

  • Cobblestone jnr for PJ; Im up to the sleeves and just need to concentrate
  • Monkey socks that have been OTNs forever
  • the rest of the Pi Blanky

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got stock on the stove, 2 loads of washing to hang out, and I believe there's the back of a cupboard somewhere that might need cleaning....


amy said...

Hee. I'm nesting too. Although I wore myself out the last couple of weeks, and I've decided THIS week is for sitting on my butt of an evening and knitting. :-)

Since I found myself in the hospital last time unexpectedly, I had Chris bring my knitting bag when he went home for the basics, like my toothbrush. I never touched it. (The knitting, not my toothbrush!) My sister, though, knit during labor. Afterwards, though... my arms were full of baby much of the time.

Bells said...

this nesting bug is good for your blogging too!

So glad to see you've reduced the wips pile a bit - that should be more manageable now.

You clearly need a few sets of 4mm DPNs. Everyone does!

Michelle said...

Wanna clean out the back of my cupboard too?

Rose Red said...

Is this your 100th post...?

Do I win the prize?

And I'm glad you've got all that cleaning out of the way because the baby's coming tomorrow, remember (not the 25th July!!!) Tee hee!

PS - Does your stash "cupboard" take one to Narnia as well - I think it would have to in order to hold all your yarn!!!!

Lisa said...

Enjoy your nesting. I love your blanket and the longies. What happy colours.

kms said...

nice work, very proud of you george! i love that cobblestone pattern, will be interested to see how it works in minature. i love the image of hospital knitting, give birth, take out knitting. he he.

Em said...

You must feel so productive! The pi blanket is lovely, what a great blanky it will be for the Bump. I just cleaned my knitting basket out, too, and found a WIP or two I'd forgotten about. Looks like my knitting list got just a little longer.

I hope we get to meet the Bump soon! Have you and your Beloved decided on names? Are you ready to be done being pregnant yet? Is Pirate Jim excited by the prospect of another family member?

TinkingBell said...

Nesting nesting NESTING!!!!

Lovely knitting - you never know - you know a couple of knitters - there may be some more knitted stuff coming...(walks off whistling...)

Kuka said...

teehee, an ex-midwife colleague of mine tells me the compulsive cleanyness is an official sign that it's so very almost nearly time ;)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

That is a lot of nesting. Can I change my arrival date and time guess ?