Thursday, 16 August 2007

Downs and Ups

I've been struck down by a mid-winter bout of ennui and cant-be-botheredness. Hence the complete lack of blogging this last week. I can't even claim to be so busy that I haven't had time - its just that nothing interesting has happened.

I think my immune system was weakened by the startitis I contracted a few weeks ago, which the Dayflower failed to cure, and has been compounded by the failure of Bendy to deliver the order I put in at the start of last week. I tried treating it with a course of the Spotlight yarn sale - Jet and Inca at $3 a ball, Caressa at $2 a ball, Cleckheaton Country at $2 a ball - but since I was there for another yarn that had a high specificity for startitis, which was unexpectedly on sale but was (naturally) sold out - the general nature of the treatment barely made a dint in my condition. I did file it all using the RRSSS, but none of it inspired me. Not even for a swatch. I've been wallowing.

I suspect the good folk at Bendgio Woollen Mills have underestimated the power of the web - the order I placed (online) last Tuesday finally arrived today. My impatience got the better of me this morning and I called to check - only to be told by a very hassled-sounding woman that they are quoting a 10-day turn around at the moment!

However, my order, now that its here, is as good as ever, and I can finally feel enthusiasm for a new project or few returning.

So far, the list is short:
  • Colquinette jacket from Buton D'Or for my god-daughter's third birthday in October
  • Spring Fling in Harmony

There were plans afoot for Isabella for me in 4 ply cotton, but since I received 8ply, Ive got to get that sorted. And then there's the 4 and 8ply that is destined for Ms Spider's magic dye pot - can't wait!

The astute amongst will note that I bought 4ply - I can feel socks getting closer. Still not quite there, but I'm making good progress on Dashing, so my confidence is building. I have to kind of sneak up on my brain, distract it with bright shiny things over here, while I edge in closer and kind of slip socks on in there without it really seeming like its socks that I'm knitting. If I can trick it with It Just Looks Like Socks, then I might shake the sock-monkey on my back.

I know, I'm tragic. Socks, scmocks, get on with it already!

Yes, the startitis is on the wane, and the ennui is lifting. Pirate Jim turns two on Sunday, and finally after much procrastination, I've got myself sorted for the influx of guests - all four of them! PJ's Nanna and Grandpa arrive tomorrow (I'm not sure who is more excited - PJ or them!) and then Ms D and her mum V will join us on Saturday. There's shopping and cooking and cleaning and cake-making and gift-wrapping to be done.

And then, next week will be the start of the Brain Spring Clean of 2007. There will be lists made, there will commitments made, there will be sucking up of...whatever it actually is that you suck up when you get on with it, and there with lots of Getting On With It. I thrive on routine and organisation, and so there will more of that. More details as they come to hand.

In the meantime, I plan to flush out the cobwebs with a glass or few of wine and enjoy celebrating PJ's birthday. Can anyone recommend a good wine match for green dinosaur cake??

**Yes, part of this post is recycled from the deleted one last night. Thankyou everyone for the supportive and concerned comments, I really appreciate them!


Michelle said...

Ten days for Bendy? I'm glad you posted this - I've been waiting since last Thursday for my cotton, and still nothing. Suppose I should wait until next week then ...

Happy birthday PJ! The best wine to go with green dinosaur cake is LOTS.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Sounds like you're in a rutt. I don't envy you my friend when a Bendy order can't lift your spirits. Not to worry, Spring should be soon upon you.....but here's something to cheer you least your DH hasn't invited everyone from work to your place for a BBQ then expected you to plan, bake, clean, make salads, shop.....I think he said that he'll buy the beer....Oh yeah I'll only know a couple of the people coming to my house.....
Thanks for letting me rant :)

Em said...

The winter doldrums are hard to shake, but I've found that a round or two of shameless retail therapy usually does the trick. And when even that fails, well some good, strong chocolate tends to help a lot. There's nothing wrong with working up to making socks. They're daunting at first, until you get the hang of all the needles. After your first few rows, though, you wonder what you were worried about. It's just knitting regularly, but on really slim needles. As for wine with a green dinosaur cake, look for something green and fruity and fun. Here in the states the liquor stores carry a brand called Boone's Farm that comes in all kinds of flavors and colors, maybe the ones in Oz carry something similar? The best part is that it's not too expensive and hardly alcoholic, so you can enjoy a few glasses without worrying about getting completely sloshed on the stuff. Happy birthday to the Pirate!

Bells said...

Hey George - I have every confidence that you will:

1. do a great job on Sunday
2. have a fabulous time celebrating Pirate Jim's birthday (I know you are going to spoil him rotten)
3. finish fetching and start socks when you're ready
4. Get yourself on a good track re being organised and enthused about things. Organisation is a great spirit lifter - once we get around to doing it. I'm convinced of that.

Enjoy the family visits!

ps surely a good Rutherglen sticky would go with green dionsaur cake?

Jejune said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down and stuck - this too will pass, even if it's a pain now. The warm days are coming! (((hugs)))
Sounds like there's a lot on this weekend - hope you survive!

I was thinking Midori cocktails would go with the dinosaur cake ...

I LOVE the Isabella top. It will be great on you!

Kuka said...

eek - I've had week a bit like that too - bring on some less gloomy weather, I say!!!!
Are you still keen to give Kirri a red hot go??
I'm aiming to get Dayflower off the needles tomorrow....

TinkingBell said...

I always feel that bubbles will go with anything and I'm prepared to give them a go with dinosaur cake! I'm doing my order on wednesday for the Happy Clappy, and I will be trying to knit it at the same time as Juno, becuase I'm sure that Turtle walk will be off the needles
Relax and have fun for PJs birthday - get chips on the floor and fairy bread in your hair - and have the extra glass of bubbles you weren't going to!

Shazmina Bendi said...

OMG we are twins (minus PJ!!) I have had the sock phobia (although that doesnt quite describe it) too. 2 things got me to try socks, 1) 30cm circular needles from Yarns galore, 2) 8ply sock pattern. The circulars were recommended by Nora (bless!) and she was right, they will change your life!Starting with an 8ply pattern was the suggestion of Nora and Rose Red (double bless). They knit up quickly AND make great bed socks!
Hope the party goes well, I LOVE green cakes!!!!