Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Dayflower progress and WIPs inventory

This week has been remarkable only for its unremarkableness. Get up, go to work, come home, play with Pirate Jim, make dinner, eat dinner, put Pirate Jim to bed, knit lace.

I'm a little over halfway through my Dayflower that Bells, Kuka and I are KAL-ing.

I've just pinned it out a little on the dining room floor for the photo. It's such a lovely pattern, and it just flies off the needles. I think this one will stay in my pattern folder as a great quick-knit gift. I'm just using Cleckheaton Country 8ply, but in a lush luxury yarn it will be extra-special.

Bell's post yesterday on WIPs has prompted me to do a little inventory of my own - despite having the progress bars on the go, I tend to just ignore the ones I've put on the back burner and not update as often as I should.

So I've got:

Sirdar baby wrap: I went through a faze of searching out every possible pattern for a kimono-style wrap while I was waiting for my copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting to arrive in the post. I have to admit being a little disappointed that the MDK wrap was written in only one size, and for worsted weight yarn what's more (what IS it with American's and worsted weight yarn and why the HECK can't we get more of it here? Yarn suppliers TAKE NOTE!!!). So now I have about a dozen variations on this style. I started this Sirdar pattern in Sirdar Tiny Tots but was very unimpressed with how it was knitting up. Back burner.

Dayflower Scarf: Powering along. Loving it. Say no more. Cooking with gas.

Spider sock: This would be called wishful thinking. Ms Spider helped me cast on at the Harlot Happening months ago - I fluffed the rib after about 6 rows and frogged it. Haven't been brave enought to cast on another yet - but you all know that. Let's move on. On ice.

Adult cable beanie: I love SweaterBabe's cable baby beanie, and am having a go at making it adult-sized (can I do that?). I've worked it out on paper and am about halfway through. But I lost interest when several commissions came up and I was seduced by one row scarves. Back burner.

Dashing: Like Ravelry, socks, lace and just about every other cool thing going, I'm about the last one on the planet to get going on these. They're for Beloved, with yarn bought in Germany, as a reward for putting up with my constant yarn hunting. Unfortunately, I got bored and they're stalled. Shame on me. Back burner.

So now I've done the walk of shame, although this is fairly typical. I'm a fair-weather friend and notoriously fickle. I get enthusiastically started, then bored and find myself batting my eyelids at the first ball of novelty yarn or the next cute pattern that wanders past. What is unusual is that there's no "bus knitting" type of project, which I almost always have on the go.

Lets not even go near the sewing basket please. I can't think about sewing when there's lace to be knit.

G x


Bells said...

we ought to dub you the New Project Harlot, Georgie, if you're as much of a get around girl as you suggest!!!

You're not last to do the Yarn Harlot Scarf. It's fairly new - as in she only posted it on her blog a few months ago.

So, there you go. You're hot now.

Bells said...

ps scarf looks wonderful! I so have to take a better photo of mine.

Jejune said...

That's nothing, honestly (blushes in shame...). I think we've all got projects that no longer fascinate us, or are giving us problems, and we don't feel like tackling them, plus - ooooh - shiny new YARN - we get distracted.

The lace scarf is looking just wonderful, clever girl!

Rose Red said...

Your dayflower looks great - great colour too!

I have a pattern for a baby kimono - it is in a couple of sizes and is all garter stitch - let me know if you want another version!!

TinkingBell said...

Gorgeous scarf - how easy it is to be seduced by lace!
I admire your ability to have so much on the go - Iget seduced by things, but also want to finish so I can enjoy it and turn around and knit it again!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Lovely Scarf...but I won't be tempted to start another scarf that I don't have the patience for. As for the North American love affair for worsted weight and heavier's all about speed knitting. Start a sweater on Friday night and wear it on Monday morning.
Now if anyone doesn't agree with that, don't come after me....I'm quoting Lucy Neatby.

Tanya said...

Lovely scarf. Are you keeping it? Why is it that starting a project is so exciting but finishing isn't? :s