Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Rock on!

Look what I got! The lovely Bells tagged me:

I feel very special, my first award! So now I have tag five others, whose blogs I love going back to, who I adore as friends of the local or cyber variety and who make this bloggin' world go round.

Lots of gals I know have already been tagged, so hopefully I'm not doubling up. In no particular order:

kms, in a room of her own, who introduced me to bothe blogging and SnB

Tanya, the Knitting Barrister, whose take-up of knitting leaves me agog

Kuka, of the Krafty variety

Five Ferns Fibreholic, who taught me how to cable

and finally the lovely Twitchy Fingers

Keep up the great work!

G x


MadMad said...

Well-earned! You rock! I love reading your stuff!

Caffeine Faerie said...

Congrats! You deserve the award because your blog does rock!

And thanks for the yarn. I love it. I bounced around the dept with it. Now I just need to heal up and knit it! :D

Bells said...

Fabulous choices George!!

kms said...

woohoo! we rock! how cool!

Kuka said...

yay thanks georgie!!
I have plan for the project - what do you say we get first socks and kirri to paper scissors rock for the honour of being next on our needles? =)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I am truly humbled....