Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Two candles on the cake

We had great fun celebrating Pirate Jim's second birthday on the weekend. Despite my disorganisation and last minute changes to the guest list, it was, in the end all about PJ and making it fun for him. We were joined by Nana and Grandpa, who came from Far Away and stayed all weekend, much to PJ's joy (and ours too, when we could shuttle him downstairs at 630 am and go back to bed for an hours extra sleep!), and Tante Mia, who came from Not Quite So Far Away.

There were lots of gifts, lots of wrapping paper debris, lots of laughs, lots of cuddles and lots of fun.

I know he's got a lot of fans out there, so I thought I'd share some photos from the day.

Grandpa gave PJ a truck. After dinging every piece of furniture in the lounge room and the bin taking a fatal hit, we've taken it downstairs til he gets his full licence.

Nana gave PJ a blackboard. It's dangerous work, being an artist - hardhat is complusory.

We gave him a trainset. Our loungeroom is now known as the Island of Sodor.

Then there was cake. I'm a little bit proud of my efforts this year.

But what made me so proud was that PJ blew out the candles all by himself.

Luckily, I decided to whip up the fairy cakes to take to childcare the following day before we did the cake cutting. Lucky, because the oven blew up, and there wouldn't have been any cake at all if I hadn't distracted PJ with a balloon and snuck this one away before he could do much more than eat a few smarties off the top. Smooth off the icing, replace the smarties, and Bam! Flash cake for childcare! Does that make me a bad mama??

So I'm afraid I can't report on the best wine match for green-iced dinosaur cake - but bubbly went very well with the pistachio biscuits, apricot slice and cheese platter. It also went quite well with the little frankfurts!

Thanks everyone for you birthday wishes for PJ - he sends big kisses.

G x


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Well done with that cake!!! And since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I am going to steal/borrow/downright duplicate that dinosaur on an appropriate occasion.

I don't know about what wine to serve either so I think that I'd stick with something that came in a tetra could pretend that it was juice.

Em said...

What an awesome cake! Pirate Jim must've loved it! It's a shame your oven blew up, but awesome the day was saved. Cake is such a vital part of any birthday.The presents look like so much fun, especially the truck! I'm glad to hear the party was so pleasant.

Bells said...

what a dude! Love the hardhat. Cracks me up.

So glad it was a great day, George! Your dinosaur cake is a work of art.

TinkingBell said...

Great cake - looks like lotsa fun - well done you- many happy returns PJ - still think a sprkly red may have been the go!

kms said...

youre a great mama and hes gonna make a great construction worker/artiste one day. i like the handknit jumper hes wearing too :)

Olivia said...

The cake looks fantastic!
(I was going to suggest Stone's green ginger wine, in moderation)

Rose Red said...

Lucky PJ - what great presents. AND fab-o cake - great job!!

rhonrhon said...

Love the cake and love the hardhat(I'll remember that as a present for nephews!) You have a very sweet little boy. Happy two year mumday to you too!

MadMad said...

Awesome! And did you make his Debbie Bliss sweater?!!! so cute - I made the pirate skull one, too; lots of fun. Ooooo - now that I said that, maybe it's not Bliss... um, I can't think of it. But you know what I mean.

Michelle said...

That cake is amazing! Good work! Looks like it was a great party all round, especially with the bubbles ;-)

Jejune said...

Brilliant cake - fun to have an excuse to do that sort of cooking occasionally :)
And no, not a bad mama by any means!

I have a door hanger thing that says "WARNING! Artist at Work!" - so the hard hat totally makes sense to me, LOL ;)

Neet said...

I LOVE the cake George! Just gorgeous! What a lucky boy. I have happy memories of leafing through the womens weekly birthday cakes book for months before my birthday each year to choose which cake I wanted! Fun fun.