Sunday, 21 October 2007

Did you pick it?

Ten championship points and a free set of steak knives to all those who picked that yesterday's photo of my newly finished sock was posed on the treadle of an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel.

Which has come to live with me!

A few weeks back, Jejune mentioned to me that Othlon now had two wheels, and that they didn't really have the space for this one. Especially since they're moving house soon, would I like to borrow the Ashford for a time?

Is a bear a catholic?? Would I!

So yesterday afternoon we had a bit of a playdate, and Othlon showed me to drive it. (please excuse the hair. I was going for a Farrah Fawcett flick but I think I may have missed. Exacerbated by sitting beside the very glam Ms Othlon with her sleek new haircut - way to look daggy and slept in, George)

And after an hour or so, I had a nice little bobbin of spun yarn (the colours have photographed somewhat more...vibrantly than in rool life):

And then Othlon showed me how to skein it:

And now I have it to love and pet and call my very own. (That's some of Othlon's hand-dyed fibre she let me play with, by the way. I've got twice her years - how come she's so clever??? And has such groovy hair? 'snot fair)

How much fun is this spinning caper?

So now, of course, I'm desperate to know where one obtains things such as tops, or batts, or fibre, or whatever it is I have to use to feed to beastie now residing in the spare room. It's getting very hungry! If you have any suggestions for reputable sellers, and also for good reference materials, I'd love to know.


Bells said...

One addiction isn't enough for you, is it George? You've got to go and be greedy and get another one. Sigh.

I am amazed. Your work is lovely!

Jejune said...

You are SUCH a star, glam or otherwise (and not many of us can be as glam as Othlon, speaking as someone who co-habitates with her!). Your spinning was amazingly regular and fine :D Glad the wheel has found a happy home!

Rose Red said...

Look at you, clever clogs! Sometimes I think I'd like to try spinning...then I remind myself of the size of my stash already!!

Donni is a spinner, I'm sure she can recommend some good sellers!!

Michelle said...

I'm stepping away right now. I've been sorely tempted by spinning in the past, but no more! The bags of bought stash are starting to pile up on the sewing room floor!

PS Othlon's hair is lovely, but I've always envied your curls ;-)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

It's a natural progression, to go from cables to socks to spinning. What can I say, it's a fibre thing, we just can't get enough.

I'll let the others give suggestions of where to score materials for your new addiction. While I was there, I crashed a certain meeting and was sold some very nice fibre on the promise that I never mention it to anyone. So shhhhh!!!! this is between you and me....LOL

MadMad said...

So jealous! A spinning wheel AND meeting Othlon?! All in one day. Man, you have the good life. Well. I'll just get back to mine, cleaning something or other.

TinkingBell said...

Yayayay - soo cool - your're groovy too Georgie - try Bendi for roving and ebay and well - email me - I've got some suggestions! _ I haven't even taken my spindle for a test drive yet!!!

kms said...

Oh. My. God. A little while back i felt a bit guilty for calling you the german fibre whore on my blog, but not now, oh no sirree!!! socks AND spinning. un. believable! i promised myself no spinning on my gifted ashford trad until the pensky file was done. oh how i hate the pensky file today!! nice work george, really very cool!

With a Q said...

Georie, Yellow Box farm is out past Bungendore somewhere, but sells on eBay and I am very hapy with the product.
Also Canberra Spinners and Weavers have a shop at thier club rooms, and the Ashford seller in Cooma has lots of fuzz too. Beware, its addictive. Look out for Pirates stealing it too!!!!

Donna Lee said...

How cool. I am always enthralled by the spinning that folks do. I think, hmm, I can learn that. But then I remember my husband saying "obsessed, intervention, cult" and other like-minded words. I thin that looks beautiful.

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

Jenny Dunn, owner of Virginia Farm Woolworks [Annangrove NSW] is really knowledgeable and helpful - she's a spinner herself. She has a website. We bought DD's second-hand wheel from her and some inexpensive undyed tops [just in case you also want to add dyeing to your list of achievements! LOL].

By the way, I've finished knitting Clapotis! Woohoo!!

gemma said...

fuzz from "Ewe Give Me the Knits", "that Spinning Place" and also Bendigo. All aussies.
Pretty spinning, but before it slips into stash, make something.

Em said...

If I were anywhere near Australia, I would soooo stick my tongue out at you. I'm jealous! I'd love to learn to spin. It's so cool you have a spinning wheel and a place to spin. I hope you have much joy of the wheel, and of the pretty new homemade yarn.