Sunday, 15 July 2007

Get ready to Wiggle

We had only just moved to Springwood in the Blue Mountains near Sydney when Pirate Jim was born (and by just I mean 3 days before, after spending 4 weeks rennovating the entire house!). I didnt know anyone locally, and was really happy to be asked by the Community Health Nurse to join a New Parents Group of parents (all first-time Mums, as it turned out) with babies the same age. I thought there might be a couple amongst them who could perhaps become friends.

As it turned out, they were all, without exception, great women, of about my age, from a range of professions, and the whole group clicked. I adore these women, and I miss them more than anything else since leaving Springwood in February. They are so friendly, supportive, happy, encouraging and open-minded, and have helped me enormously on our journey on the rocky road we call parenthood. I have learnt from all of them. Love you, girls!! Mwah!

On Thursday and Friday Pirate Jim and I got the chance for a catch up with my Mother's Group when we trekked up to Springwood to see the Wiggles. PJ is a mad keen Wiggles fan (in fact we've had to have an intervention and start a detox program!) and when Bec discovered they were coming to Penrith Leagues Club and suggested we get tickets and go along, I was in for any money.

So we stayed the night with Bec and her family (Audrey is the same age as PJ, Baxter is just 10 weeks old) and had afternoon tea with the girls, then hit the venue with about 500 other families for the show.

Here they are, the Real Live Wiggles! Between you and me, I was just a leetle excited - after all, these guys are on my telly at least 30 minutes a day (more if it's a Bad Day tm) and there's something very compelling about it all. And yes, the more astute amongst you may have noticed I may just have a teeny tiny crush on Murray (although would readily turn my affections to Sam! No loyalty to Greg here, I'm afraid, we are a post-Greg family)

PJ was a little, shall we say, overwhelmed by it all.

He didnt move through the entire performance, until the very end when I got him to wave. However, when we got home, he was very excited about telling Papa what we saw. So I think he liked it. Maybe he was dancing on the inside!

In other news.....

It was SnB this afternoon, so I took along the german sock yarn stash to deliver to those who asked special like, and those who might just fancy some.

After the fibre whores SnB'ers finished, this is what remains of my stash:

and some of that will go to kms (K: let me know what your heart desires, hmm?). Good thing I don't know how to knit socks yet!


Jejune said...

So glad you got to meet up with your dear friends, and that the Wiggles were all could have hoped for! I think sometimes little kids get overwhelmed by that sort of experience, and have to process it a bit before they get excited.

Hope my sock yarn has been quarantined from the ravening hordes! Hope to meet up with you sometime this week (Friday perhaps) for swapsies :)

TinkingBell said...

What fun - my 2 nearly 3 YO boy adores wiggles - 4 nearly 5 daughter never really cared for them - I do rather like Anthony though!!

Caffeine Faerie said...

Um... where's my wool? Meep? I have money (waves munny in air).

The wiggles apparently are much fun. I know many parents who love them as much as their kids! Glad you enjoyed the concert! :)

Bells said...

I've seen a room full of kids at a Dorothy the Dinosaur gig and some had PJ's response and some roared like they were a massive concert like grownups. It's really varied, I think.

You were so good to bring all that stash back from Germany, George. Not much left at all! What's the red one in the bottom corner?

kms said...

yeah yeah wiggles are great yada yada yada...

now, sock wool. im coveting the red one in the corner also, or also either of the two next to it, or the one on the left hand side in between the two opals. i spy some kind of red/pink theme happening here!!

seriously tho, george i would love anything that had come all the way from germany. you may surprise me, and then tell me what i owe you. shall i send address?

by the way, pj looks very cute. would love to know how his brain processed seeing them live on stage!

Georgie said...

Sorry gals, the "red one in the corner" has been nabbed. I'll duck when I tell you it's silk (gorgeous isnt it Taph?)....but we have the ways and means to get more!! Your friendly neighbourhood GSY (german sock yarn) dealer will look after you!

Caffeine Faerie said...

I owe you cookies. Now, how much for the blue-grey one? Hmm? ^.^

Taphophile said...

I will admit that the feeding frenzy was not pretty and that I was a greedy girl. I was not as greedy as I wanted to be and did not resort to mugging, as others did.

Yes, the silk is indeed a beautiful thing to fondle in a lacivious manner, I mean caress against bare skin, I mean touch. Yep, that's it, touch. The silk is a beautiful thing to touch.

You were very generous to bring so much back, George. I will embark on the Spring and Summer of the Sock in September.

Michelle said...

Oh, the look on PJ's face is priceless!

Bummer about the red in the bottom corner! It was lovely. I've just been reading about your travels-with-yarn-shops and I have to say you did well to bring what you did back in your suitcase!

Kate said...

You were so lucky in your mothers' group. I was hoping to meet some folks in my birthing classes but the women there were essentially bored young 20yos who had to attend the classes as part of their pension requirements. It was so depressing - there was no excitement, sharing of experiences or enthusiasm with beginning/ adding to their families. Essentially, it was like sitting in a Yr10 geography class with a bunch of 15yos!!

Now I'm hesitant to join a mothers' club!!