Monday, 23 July 2007

Here be Pirates

The weekend was a little up and down at Chez Kitchen Table - Pirate Jim decided that midday sleeps were for wimps, and insisted on staying up all day. After an hour or so of arguing with him (as only an almost-2-year-old can argue), I generally give up. However, this leads to severe "three-thirty-itis" (to borrow from a very annoying ad campaign), which often leads me to become Bad Mother and resort to Wiggle-therapy so we can all chill out a little.

Wiggle-therapy does, however, give me some time to do "stuff", and on Saturday afternoon this included the attempted application of the patented RoseRed Standard of Stash Systemisation (tm) to my Boodle.

It started out OK - snaplock bags lined up, first drawer of the Boodle Corner on the chair in the living room. Then PJ realised Mama was doing "something" and decided to help, as only an almost-2-year-old can: by releasing all those bags from their imprisonment in the box and then liberating some of the yarn.

Nonetheless, some progress towards the RRSSS was achieved. To borrow one of the most insipid election campaign phrases in living memory: there's lots to be done, but we're headed in the right direction. (Note the NSW ALP campaign supremos: election time is not the time to leave the work-experience kid unsupervised).

We have had fun moments with the Pirate recently too, so I thought I'd do the Proud Mama thing now and share some of the schmalz (turn away now if you're not up for cute pics!). And a special apology to Tinkingbell for taking up bandwidth with so many pics!

PJ loves jam on toast for breakfast....or lunch...or dinner. You wouldn't think it to look at him, would you?

He obviously read Bells recent post on housekeeping (or lack thereof) and decided firm action needed to be taken on the home front:

After which it was time for a nice cuppa and a good sit down. He loves drinking "cafe" from one of our espresso cups (just chocolate milk people, no caffeine here - not that insane!!).
And he loves helping me to cook. He gets a saucepan with water and a wooden spoon and helps out stirring and tasting it on the end of the stove. This is what happened when I asked him to "smile"!!

That doesn't come from my side of the family!

Next time: more knitting content. I think I may be almost ready to start thinking about working up to the preparation for casting on a Sock. gulp. Shame you can't make a sock out of heels. And did I mention I've started dreaming about lace???


Jejune said...

Dangerously cute kid, you've got there George! you can use that one of him cleaning as evidence when he's a teenager - "See? Look! You used to be such a TIDY boy! What happened to those good times?"

My kids both stopped having naps when they were around 2, but you don't want to know that. And nowadays I can't wake them up ;)

You can do the sock thing, honest you can! Glad to hear of the lace dreams, sign of a true Knitter!

TinkingBell said...

Gorgeous boy! Daughter gave up naps at 17 months- I wazs pregnant with son - thank god for playschool - 25 mins of sleep! Son gave his nap up at just 2 - although I was known to drive up to 40 km in the hope he'd fall asleep in the car!

Kuka said...

oooooh lace!!!
Bells and I are lace lusting at the moment too!
Maybe we can work something out KAL-wise?

Kuka said...

bells also mentioned the forest canopy shawl, which is for sale here
Hope to see you at SnB tonight =)

Bells said...

Oh god he's so cute George. You've gotta bring him to SnB some time now that he's such an internet star. He's got a lot of fans.

Good on you for trying to get the stash systemisation started. You've done better than I have. I have the bags. I have a couple of projects in bags but not the stash itself.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Be brave can knit socks.....but if I MUST come for a visit to give a lesson.....oh well..a knitter's gotta do what a knitter's gotta do. Mind you it is a little far for me to go.....
Not forgetting PJ.....what a cutie!!!