Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Look at moi!

As you know, I havent had much time with the sticks lately. My Mum, however, has been knitting like a demon (although not quite as demonically as Taph's mum!), now that she has a grateful recipient in Pirate Jim.

So, in the absence of any FOs of my own to blog, I give you the latest work of Nanna, as modelled by PJ:

Work it, baby, camera luvs ya.

Vest from Panda 8 ply Book 204 "11 Handknits for Kids" knitted in Totem. Its the same as the brown one she did for him a couple of moths ago.

"Look Mama, pockets!"

"How should I stand Mama?"

"Like this?"

I would post the pattern source, but Mum still has it. The yarn, though, is Bendy Colonial 8ply in Cocoa and Indigo.

There's more to come (needing buttons, I believe). And yes, she's figured out I have a's somewhat diminished now after her visit last week! What is it with mothers and boodle??

G x


Taphophile said...

Mothers reckon that turn around is fair play - they've been waiting a VERY LONG TIME to get us back. At least you're getting yours back for Pirate Jim (a natural star, BTW).

You can tell Nanna knitted the hoodie - no mother EVER does pockets for their own kids. Not that I'm bitter.

Bells said...

PJ is one gorgeous knitwear model. What a beautiful boy! What great knits!

TinkingBell said...

What great knits - I would love to knit more for mine - but they keep growing - and my 4 year old girl is going through a ink stage - (which doesn't look so great when handed down to the 2 year old boy!) and I try to knit unisex - love the cocoa and blue!

Rose Red said...

He is a star! And so happy with his knitwear - what a great kid! One of my work colleagues (a mother of 4, count'em FOUR, boys) commented to me yesterday that pockets in small kid's clothes are just places for sand to collect!!! But hey, you can't have a hoodie without pockets!

Kate said...

Thanks for de-lurking! I really enjoy tracking back to other blogs and seeing what folks are doing. And its always great to meet another Canberran knitter : )

Love that Hoodie! and the little vest is brilliant (and PJ is a little cutie!).

May I recommend LOTS of zip lock bags and see-through storage boxes (separate boxes for 8ply, fancy yarn, sock/4ply) for stash organisation? I really thought hard about it as I felt it was an investment in petro-chemical vandalism but I'm sooo glad I did. I was able to locate extra within 20secs last night and I'm at the stage that minimal bending over is A Good Idea.

kms said...

i can not believe how quickly that boy is growing and how cute he looks in his nana-knits. love the hoodie!