Friday, 6 July 2007

Hey Mr Postman.....

Just as I was serving up dinner tonight, the doorbell rang. As I muttered under my breath about bad timing, soggy wantons and mushy noodles, Beloved and Pirate Jim went downstairs to answer it.

Dinner, however, was quite quickly forgotten.

It was a box from Germany.

A very exciting box.

With lots of yummy yarn inside. Lots of sock yarn. Opal, Regia, Tekking XXL, Twister. (sorry, awful photo. I was excited.)

Some of this is special order, the rest is just because I can. For Canberra SnBers, I'm willing to part with it (maybe!), and will bring it along to the next SnB.

And a little something for me - Drops Alpaca. (If you havent dropped (haha, geddit?) by this site before, it is loaded with free patterns. Go there.)

And a kit for a Karen Noe anenome shawl, destined for a gift. Sorry, colours are a bit crappy.

I didnt even notice the wantons were soggy. I'm off to reorganise my international boodle and play diplomat.

G x


Rose Red said...

What a great haul - was there anything in there that you had forgotten about? So many possibilities!

Jejune said...

My precioussss, my precioussss, come to Mummy.... We'll have to have a gimme-my-yarn-grab - no, sorry, a civilised cup of tea together and pleasant handing over of wonderful German sock yarn.

Seriously - thanks for ordering and posting my portion of the order - looks GREAT. Hubby is hanging out for new socks, while I'm not so sure (he has really big feet!).

Taphophile said...

Parcels are SOOOO exciting. I'm sure the neighbours think I have a thing for our parcel delivery woman.

Love the colours in the alpaca. The Drops site is pretty amazing.

Want me to drop by with cash?

Caffeine Faerie said...

Ooooh *squees* I see my sock wool. Thanking you so much. Now we need to get to important things like the exchange of wool and squaring of the bill. :)

kms said...

aaaaagh!! why why why must i be here and you be there...what do i have to do to relieve you of some of this loathsome burden!!!

Bells said...

oh such pretty stuff. Sooo lovely. That's the best kind of mail!

happyspider said...

holy mother of dog, you wench!
arg! /tears hair out and drools on keyboard