Friday, 10 October 2008

Day 10 - Im going to sea, dont try to reason with me.

Beloved is back from his work trip this afternoon, so things are on a more even keel around here. I may even have something vaguely interesting to say tonight.

I wanted to thank everyone who shared their favourite lullabies and songs in the comments; I hope everyone who read them enjoyed them as much as I did. It seems to be one of those things that is so individual and personal and memory laden. I hope that I'm giving my kids some deeply connected memories with the songs we sing and the traditions we start while they're still young. Those are precious things.

There has been some dribs and drabs of stash enhancement going on over the last weeks and months; I'm not brave enough to document it a la Rosered, but almost all of it has a plan (some people seem to think this is important!), once the current deadline WIPs are done. I thought tonight I might lay some of those plans out - perhaps it will shame me into actually doing some of them. But then again, perhaps not.

Sorry, no pics (cant be arsed, frankly! And most of it isn't photographed - it doesn't count as stash that way!), and all the patterns links are from Rav. And no particular order, either.

1. There was some Bendy purchased a few weeks back - mostly for a gift jumper (in progress), but one has to make up the free postage threshold!

There was Bell's little Berry adventure that yielded some Cascade 220:
  • 2 skeins of a gorgeous red (9404) that will become a Toddler Tunic;
  • 2 skeins of teal (9455) that may just want to be a February baby sweater for next year.

Bells also arranged a small Knitpicks shipment:

Bec put me onto the very lovely Utiku yarn from NZ:

  • 200g of Watermelon will become an Oriental Lily;
  • I'm as yet undecided what 200g of Blueberry will be though.

There have been plenty of Spotties purchases as they cleared out their winter stock:

  • some Mode Vera Torte will become a Boogie Vest for me;
  • a few balls of Lion Brand cotton that will make many things including a Confection Baby Shrug, a Daisy and perhaps some longies
  • Im not owning up to the rest just yet.
There was a German shipment in July that included:

Lincraft blowouts:

I would like it noted I have passed on numerous enhancement opportunities in the recent past, despite the temptation. I am strong, I tell you.

And I haven't listed anything I want to do for the Summer of Lace.

I expect that should keep me off the streets for a while.

One last thing - I wanted to mention a new-ish blogger on the block who is an old friend from my Blue Mountains days. Liz runs the Button Bower (if you like vintage buttons you must go there)and also crafts beautiful jewelry and objects from buttons and other vintage thingies. And she's a scientist by day! Drop by and say hi; she's having a giveaway for Blogtoberfest too!

Now, if I dont get back to the couch and my knitting, this list will remain just that.


Bells said...

Ahem....numerous stash enhancement opportunities? Like when? Which ones exactly have you turned down? *snort*

Bec said...

I admire your strength in posting the stash! I think I'd have a coronary if I actually added up what has come into my house (in terms of the yarn and the cash) in the past few months.
Don't forget the skeins that came home with me from your place this week... leaving you more space..... for more yarn...

Donna Lee said...

I realized I have way more roving waiting to be spun than I realized and will not be purchasing any more until I have used some of it. At least, that is my plan. I can't guarantee I'll stick to it if I see something that catches my eye.
And my favorite old song to croon to my girls while I nursed them was an old Irish lullaby. I don't even know what the words mean but whenever they got upset as little girls, I would sing it to them and they would settle down. It's still a favorite now that they're grown.

kms said...

yes a snort from me here too. i see no signs of strength unless the task is to have the biggest stash in the history of the known universe, in which case you are like, hercules.

Rose Red said...

I'm with Kylie!!!

sweetp said...

you go girl! I'm broke & on a yarn diet its so sad :( I love seeing what everyone is lining up though, great for inspiration and recommendations

We must have similar wearing my smoothie Wicked and DD is wearing her Watermelon dress (not OL but the rainbow dress so close...going to do an OL for for next winter tho) There are a few little girl patterns there I have lined up for DD too :D