Monday, 6 October 2008

This favourite kitchen thing

I haven't played "This is...." for yonks, but given the kitchen is my favourite room in the house, I felt it was time to come back.

I love kitchen stuff. LOVE it. I love to cook (except lately, when it's become about getting folk fed before the regular evening meltdown happens), love to entertain, love browsing cookbooks - I have an entire bookcase for them - love food mags and I love all the stuff that goes with cooking and kitchen-ing. Put me in a kitchenware store and I wont be out for a week.

So how to choose my one, single, most favouritest thing?

Perhaps my KitchenAid stand mixer that I coveted for years before Beloved put one under the Christmas tree for me?

I adore it, but it's not my favourite.

My Microplane grater? Close, very, very close, but no cigar.

Lemon zester? Citrus reamer? Scanpan classic frying pan? Juicer?

Nope. It's this.

My stick mixer. The thing that makes it my absolute favourite is the mini-processor bit. Its the perfect size for mincing garlic, onions, ginger etc., chopping herbs, making pastes - all the things I use a processor for without having to haul out my Big Bertha processor. And it does it in a flash, then goes straight into the dishwasher.

When I'm in the cooking zone, I use this several times a week. The whisk is also really handy too, except I've lost the little sleeve off the end at some stage, tragically.

So there you have it - and if you dont, you should get one.

No startling car accident post-script from me; just a cuppa and knitting on the couch. Bis morgen.


Bells said...

i have that one. Maybe not same model but close to it. LOVE it. Best thing ever. Good choice.

Next time I see you, remind me to discuss kitchen aids.

Michelle said...

It wasn't a car accident. It was a bump and then a verbal confrontation with a drunk idiot and his bogan mates.

Anyway, nice gadget. I just have the stab part - it was a wedding present, and apparently I wasn't deemed worthy of the more upmarket model with the mixy thing.

Em said...

Momolla has one of these nifty gadgets, and I covet it. Actually, I might have to add it to my Christmas list, now that I think of it (jim's already started asking for ideas), because I'm getting tired of chopping and frothing by hand.

Jejune said...

And they shouldn't send me in to fetch you out of the kitchen shop, either ;)

I have a now old Braun stick blender too, and yeah, I get a lot of use out of it as well. Very handy things!

kms said...

hmm nice. i do love it when you have your cooking mojo happening! you really are quite spectacular :)

Donna Lee said...

I have the Braun stick thing and it's one of my very favorite things in the kitchen. I'd be your kitchen store buddy. I love them. I love to look and touch and play with the toys, I mean tools.

Rose Red said...

I clearly don't use my stick mixer enough. Me, the kitchenaid is the best. Followed closely by the big bertha processor (although I do know what you mean by the annoying hauling out business)

Adele said...

George - I have one of these and I agree 100% with you. they are fabulous. Just tossed my old mixer out today!!

Kuka said...

OOOh, I have the exact one too!!!
My whisky bit broke on Sunday making cheese-cake (just from a packy)!! so sad =(