Thursday, 30 October 2008

Day 30: I'm too tired to be clever

I've made it out the other side. The birthday jumper for Little Miss M is done! Sadly, it won't make it to Germany for her actual birthday, being that it's today, but it will make it in time for her to wear it this (northern) winter.

It's bad form to blog a gift FO before it's gifted, but I'm low on blog-fodder. So K (M's mum), if you're reading, look away now!! It's in the mail tomorrow!

I'm feeling particularly brain-dead this evening, so will just give you the facts rather than any of my usual witty prose.

Pattern: I used the Tiny Top Down pattern #608 by Deb Gemmell from Cabin Fever. My version is based on the Club Pullover (#66) from the Bouton d'Or #11 pattern book.

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic in soft plum, musk, rosebud and magnolia

Sticks: Knitpicks Options 4mm for the body and standard 4mm dpns for the sleeves

Mods: Plenty. That's the joy of top-down construction. I had Little Miss M's measurements, and I just went from there. I muffed the stripe pattern early on - the dark in-between stripes are only supposed to be 2 rows wide, but I made the first lot 3 rows, so I just kept that up. I also added the rib polo-neck, by picking up the neck stitches and knitting the 2x2 rib up until it was long enough.

This was my first in-the-round top-down, and I'll do it again anytime. The pattern was straightforward and so easy to follow and modify. I know I moaned about it a while back when it seemed never-ending, but that's just because I want to knit so many other things! Really, it was fast and easy, and even all those bleedin' ends only took a couple of hours to sew in.

I'm a bit worried the sleeves will be a bit on the short side, but 4 year olds are into everything so I'm hoping slightly shorter sleeves wont get as wet/dirty/sandy/soapy/gooey.

Otherwise I'm really happy with it.

Finally, I can't go without wishing my gorgeous god-daughter M a very happy 4th birthday, with lots of fun. I wish I could be there to share in the fabulous cake I know K will have baked! Happy Birthday, M, from the Australian heiden-tante!


Bells said...

Hooray! It's done. I know it's been a labour of love, but labour is still labour and now I can't wait to see what you get on with next!

Rose Red said...

congratulations for finishing! It looks great and I'm sure that you are right about the sleeves - even if they are a bit short, that's better than being a bit long!

Donna Lee said...

It's beautiful. I've never done a top down sweater and I think I'd like to try. It would be nice not to have to seam everything up at the end. Just weave in the ends and go.

2paw said...

Wow, no wonder you are tired!! What a lovely jumper, and top down is fun, but there are endless bits!!!
You are excused from a clever title because of your excellent knitting work. A+++

Alwen said...

It's getting cold here, too, and it will be fun for her to open up a package after her birthday. And of course I love the purples.

Lynne said...