Saturday, 18 October 2008

Day 18: Sew much fun!

Har har, yup, Queen of Da Pun over here folks. It's been a long day.

I've been trying to get more sewing done in the last few months; the cloth nappies for the Princess were the start, but I've got heaps of things on my "must-try" list.

Reverse applique was one thing on my list. I'm not a huge regular applique fan, but do like the funky look of reverse applique.

So when I found this fabulous tutorial, I had to give it a whirl.

This is just a cheapy all-in-one suit (or onesie, if you prefer) from the local department store, a scrap of pretty fabric and a very easy design.

Sweet, don't you think? And very, very easy (Yes, Amy, you could certainly do it!!). Please excuse the crap-O-rama photo, it's late.

I see lots more of these in my future. Like in about 15 years when I have more time.....


And I forgot yesterday, but the Blogtoberfest Inspiration Word for Sunday is chain. Thanks Sean via Bells!


Bec said...

Very very cool idea there G! I can see me using that for chrissie shirts for my nephews!

Sweet print on the suit too :-)

Donna Lee said...

Those onesies are great because you can buy them and make them your own with little trouble. The heart looks so cute. Sewing is so much more instant gratification than knitting!

Bells said...

it's so great. i'm really impressed. Do more!

And I thought yesterday's word was chain so I did it!

sweetp said...

that is so cool! wish I could sew...