Sunday, 12 October 2008

In search of....

There's a bit of it around - lack of inspiration in the face of the need to blog every day for Blogtoberfest. I love the concept, but am struggling to not only find the inspiration but the time for a post everyday.

Bells lamented it, Kylie is suffering, other Blogtoberfest goers are wondering what they got themselves in for and even Blogtoberfest SuperMama, BigCat, is feeling the squeeze. Rosered helped out with a list for Bells, that she very generously shared, and will get many people (including me!) out of a tight spot, I'm sure.

Well, I can't do anything about the lack of time (but oh, how I wish), but just to add to the inspiration mix, Bells, Kylie and I have concocted another little scheme to kick start the brain cells on those slow-blogging days. Bells mentioned it in her post yesterday.

If you check out all our posts from yesterday, you'll see they all feature the word or theme transform. That's because it's the word I chose from the page of my Macquarie Dictionary that Pirate Jim picked yesterday afternoon. We thought we might do this every second day, so that there is some inspiration sitting there if we need it over the course of the month.

If you're feeling stuck for inspiration, pop on over and at the bottom of each day's post, I'll give you the Word of the Day for the second next day (that means two days away). A word randomly selected from a page in my Macquarie Dictionary, third edition, once Kylie or Bells give me a page number (up to 2478).

You might choose to make this your post theme, or just to try and get it in the text somehow.

This is just a way of sparking something off in your brain, and providing extra fodder for Blogtoberfest!

Also, I am very honoured to have received a Blogtoberfest Spirit Award from BigCat. Thanks! I'll wear it with pride!
Blogtoberfest Spirit Award


Bells said...

It was SUCH a good idea of yours. I love how this game is forcing us to come up with creative ways to make sure we get through it with minimal pain, and lots of fun. Good work!

Bells said...

Oh congrats on your award too, George. Very well deserved! :-)

Donna Lee said...

Great idea and I will totally steal it for those days when life is calm and peaceful and nothing worth writing about is happening. Let's hope there are lots of those!

kms said...

i do like the common theme thing and seeing the different perspectives we all have. yay on the award!

Lynne said...

Congratulations on the award.

I'm not officially doing Blogtoberfest because I didn't hear about it 'til the first week was passed but I have joined by challenging myself to post every day. So far, so good - I've been on hols but today I went back to work so we shall see if I can make through to 31/10.

edward and lilly said...

That's such a fab idea!