Friday, 24 October 2008

Day 24: One Good Thing

Because some days, especially on a Friday, I need One Good Thing to hold close at the end of the day. In a day of what feels like many crappy things, when my nerves are frayed to a single quivering strand that threatens to go "ping" any second, One Good Thing makes me take a deep breath and know that I can do it all again tomorrow instead of running from the house, screaming.

Today, it was finding this little guy before the home-grown lettuce leaves made it on to our dinner plates.

And watching PJ watching him-her (because snails are hermaphrodites) cruise over his hand and a clear plastic lid before releasing her-him back to the wild.

OK, so that's two good things. Bonus.


Bells said...

Sorry you had a rough Friday. I know that's not uncommon. I kept away to leave you to get on with it. Come have lunch on a Friday some time - you can feed the Princess and PJ and I can hang?

Glad the snail made it back outside instead of into someone's tummy!!!

Olivia said...

I had a rough day too, probably for more selfish reasons though. Thanks for the reminder to look for the one good thing. And I'm glad no one ate that snail - I gather you have to cook them first!

Leonie said...

At least it was only one!! My boys had about 15 of them running races up my window a couple of days ago and unfortunately when it was dinner time I somehow got the job of returning them to the garden only to find that one of my lovelies had removed the shell from some of them. Yuck!

The heel turning thing is amazing, I shall have to make a sock my size next to have the experience all over again!

Donna Lee said...

Good philosophy, One Good Thing. There are a lot of days that are saved by those words.

I'm not sure I could stand a snail crawling over my hand. Just looking at it makes me want to wash my hands.

Rose Red said...


Jan said...

A tiny bit of salt in the washing water for greens makes all those types of things fall off the leaves! However, PJ seems to like them alive. LOL

BigCat said...

What a gorgeous post, despite having a bad day.